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8 Free Mobile Apps To Find The Best Black Friday Deals

It’s that time of the year again, when the air is full of joy and thankfulness not just for the break from work that we’re getting, but also for the gifts of life. For avid shoppers, however, this time of the year marks another significant event – Black Friday. All the holiday sales are upon us, and if you live for the hunt to find the perfect deal, we’re here to help. What follows is a list – in no particular order – of some of the best (and unique) apps for iOS and Android that ease the Black Friday deal finding fiasco for you, allowing you to score the perfect bargain on your craved items.


TGI Black Friday

This is one of those apps that you’d download for just a couple of weeks around Black Friday, and not find much use for it afterwards. Available for free on both iOS and Android, TGI Black Friday comes from Dealcatcher and starts pulling deals long before they become available locally in papers and otherwise.

You can make shopping lists, get coupons, price slash alerts for favored items, download ads as PDF scans, and buy items directly from within the app itself. There are sharing features as well, of course, should you want to give some ideas to your friends on what you want for the holiday season. For tech shoppers, TGI Black Friday doesn’t end with Black Friday; the app pulls deals for Cyber Monday as well, making it an excellent overall choice for all your shopping needs during November.


Install TGI Black Friday for Android

Install TGI Black Friday for iOS


The best thing about RetailMeNot is that this app’s usefulness doesn’t diminish post Black Friday. In fact, this iOS and Android app (also available on the web) will keep coughing up coupons for you throughout the year. Want to buy a specific item? Look through RetailMeNot, and there’s a high chance that you’ll find a coupon to shave off a few bucks (or get you free shipping, at least).

You don’t need to print coupons out and carry them around either, since the app lets you utilize those at the time of checkout on pretty much every store that it supports. Another great feature is location-based deal alerts, whereby the app pushes a notification whenever you’re near a store that’s offering a great bargain. A must have for avid Black Friday shoppers.

retailmenot retailmenot2

Install RetailMeNot for Android

Install RetailMeNot for iOS


Another highly useful app throughout the year, PriceGrabber lets you find the lowest price and best deals for virtually anything. The app supports hundreds of thousands of online and retail stores, and can sort offerings based on price, ratings and popularity with other users. Looking up products is also very versatile, allowing search based on barcodes, QR codes, manufacturer part numbers, serial numbers and whatnot. The fact that results are pulled from multiple sources makes PriceGrabber a real deal catcher, and if you’re not looking for something specific, you’d enjoy browsing through the trending items as well. This app is pure comparison shopping at its best.

PriceGrabber (1) PriceGrabber-(2)

PriceGrabber is available for free for both iOS and Android.

Install PriceGrabber for Android

Install PriceGrabber for iOS

BuyVia Black Friday Deals

BuyVia has been a tech-shopper’s dream come true, and its mobile apps for both iOS and Android stick to the same ideology. The app has a lot to offer, both during Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as throughout the year. It allows you to look for and avail the best tech deals around, and can use your location to pull results closest to you. Price alerts are there for marked products, while discount/bargain coupons are something of a norm for BuyVia. The app features cloud-based sync across different platforms and devices, ensuring that your shopping list is updated wherever you go. Interestingly enough, BuyVia offers a dedicated Cyber Monday app as well, which makes sense, considering how the website is dedicated to tech offerings.

BuyVia BuyVia2

Install BuyVia for Android

Install BuyVia for iOS

FatWallet’s Black Friday

FatWallet has always been a favored deal finder for shopping enthusiasts, and their Black Friday apps for both iOS and Android allow taking that experience out with you on the move when you go hunting for the best deals. The app sports search, compare and shop, all packaged into one. What I find most attractive about this one is the dedicated shopping cart that it offers, allowing the shopper to skip retailer checkouts and shopping carts and put everything in a unified environment. Since this app is dedicated to Black Friday deals, you might want it only for November, but won’t hurt to keep it there till Cyber Monday anyway.

FatWallet FatWallet2

Install Black Friday Deal Finder 2013 for Android

Install Black Friday for iOS


Whilst not being a dedicated Black Friday shopping helper at all, ShopSavvy is one app that you’d probably do good to have on you all the time. Essentially, this is a comparison shopper that you can pull out in-store on Black Friday and find comparative prices both online and in locations near you. It boasts social sharing and shopping lists, and a map that can actually help visualize whether it’s worth more than the fuel you’d need to reach that marginal bargain a far away store is offering. Completing the package is a barcode scanner that saves you the trouble of search for products when you’re browsing stores.

shopsavvy shopsavvy2

ShopSavvy is available for free across iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Download ShopSavvy for Android

Download ShopSavvy for iOS

Download ShopSavvy for Windows Phone


Another shopping companion that graces Windows Phone with its presence as well, alongside iOS and Android. Like others, it pulls best deals from millions of online and local retailers, and offers a unified checkout similar to FatWalllet’s offerings. You can discover products related to your search items, and user reviews help making an informed buying decision. A unique feature of RedLaser is focus on food products, whereby you can get a complete nutritional picture of the item that you’re looking at.

redlaser2 redlaser

Install RedLaser for Android

Install RedLaser for iOS

Install RedLaser for Windows Phone


This cross-platform iOS and Android app is most rewarding for window shoppers, although actual buyers would also find it equally useful. shopkick rewards you with “kicks” for walking into its partner stores and just scanning products with the app. Reward points mount further should you actually make a purchase with a linked credit card, or refer products to friends. The list of shopkick partner stores includes the likes of Target, Old Navy, Best Buy, Macy’s, and a few other notable brands. Accumulated “kicks” can be exchanged for items in partner stores using the mobile app.

shopkick shopkick2

Install shopkick for Android

Install shopkick for iOS

There you have it – the best apps that we find enriching for any Black Friday shopper/browser’s experience. Did we miss any really good ones? Share them with us in the comments below.

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