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The 10 Best Games On iOS

We have covered the best offline games for iOS in the past. Offline games are great to play when you know you won’t have an active internet connection. If you’re looking for something fun to play when you do have an active internet connection, the best games on iOS will spoil you for choice. We have a great list of the best games on Android, and this is our list of the best games out on iOS right now.

1. Invisible Inc.

Invisible Inc. is the latest game from Klei Entertainment, creators of epic titles like Shank, Mark of the Ninja and Don’t Starve. They have a tradition of taking a timeless art direction so that their games never look outdated and they accomplish this quite well. Their latest release is fast becoming popular because it is a top-down stealth based game where you have to infiltrate some secure facilities with increasing difficulty. The graphics are, again, amazing. The gameplay is fun and engaging and being that it is an iOS exclusive, it is a must-have.

Download Invisible Inc. from the App Store ($4.99)

2. Transistor

Transistor is a fine game. The sound is incredibly well-designed. The graphics are amazing and the storyline is deep. All facets that make for a wonderful big platform (PC or Console) game have been ported to iOS.

The game puts you in an isometric angle, using your powers to freeze time while you plan out your move. This is one of those, “you have to see it to believe it” experiences and should be part of every enthusiast’s library.

Download Transistor from the App Store. ($2.99 until May 22, 2017, usually $9.99)

3. INKS.

Inks is basically a pinball game. So why is it one of the best games on iOS? Because of how well it is designed. It won Apple’s design award for 2016. The gameplay is straight forward with the caveat that the pinball table is lined with paint zones and you have to make sure that your ball touches all of those paints.

The longer you play the more interesting a canvas you are left with. It synergizes the serenity of painting with the simplicity of pinball and you have a pleasant experience playing  it. The game is full of beautiful photographs taken specifically to serve as backdrop to this game.

Download INKS. from the App Store ($1.99)

4. Shadowmatic

Shadowmatic takes a game kids used to play and turns it into a multi-award winning game (including Apple design award). You are given weirdly shaped objects that you must move around to generate a shadow that looks like an iron, or a teapot, a rabbit, etc. Each mission requires you to match a different shape from otherwise illegibly shaped objects. The game gets more challenging as levels progress and the graphics are so beautiful that they alone can hook you on.

Download Shadowmatic from the App Store ($3.99)

5. Crashlands

Crashlands is an RPG game in the style of classic SNES RPGs with questionably proportioned characters who craft items, battle enemies and survive in a fantasy realm. It is a fun game and incredibly addictive. With new RPGs there is always the risk that the game will either become a burden to manage or become boring to go through. Those proportions are well managed in this game. The resource gathering isn’t exactly easy, but the crafting is, so it strikes a good balance.

Download Crashlands form the App Store ($4.99)

6. Don’t Starve Pocket Edition

Another release from Klei Entertainment, this game is a survival game with a twist. You are a scientist who is stuck in an isolated jungle and must gather, forage, and craft ways to survive and eventually escape. It isn’t just that either, there are adventure elements in this game that require you to venture out into the world to accomplish goals, all to aid your escape all the while, making sure that you don’t starve.

Download Don’t Starve Pocket Edition from the App Store ($4.99)

7. Dark Echo

Dark Echo is an innovative game. Not just in itself, but through its mechanics and how they function. You are stuck in a dark void where you cannot see a single thing. You are given audio clues on how to proceed. This makes the game very atmospheric and scary. The game simulates hopelessness so well that you feel genuinely traumatized after having played it.The legendary sound quality of iOS devices enhances the experience.

We’ve added screenshots, but this game is not meant for visuals, so you’ll have to hear it to experience it.

Download Dark Echo from the App Store ($1.99)

8. Infinity Blade III

Infinity Blade III is not exactly the latest release on iOS, but it is one of those games that end up becoming a staple of the platform. Like the Grand Theft Auto series was PlayStation 2’s biggest releases. Similarly, Infinity Blade III needs to be in every iOS gamer’s repository. It is full of action, beautiful visuals (even by today’s standards) and excellent game mechanics that make good use of the touch display. The game stands on its own, but if III reels you in, you should try out I and II as well, get the full experience.

Download Infinity Blade III from the App Store ($6.99)

9. Tiny Wings

Tiny wings isn’t exactly an epic game, but mobile devices are not optimized for epic games to begin with. The best mobile gaming experiences are the ones that can be savored in short bursts. This is why Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja enjoyed the unmitigated success that they did. Tiny Wings is a game about a hatched bird that is learning to fly. Each session is timed by how soon the sun sets. You press the screen to hunker down and release to launch yourself into the sky, then time your landing such that you can do it again with more acceleration the next time. The whole thing is worth experiencing for the timeless visuals alone.

Download Tiny Wings from the App Store ($0.99)

10. Calculords

Calculords is a lot of games rolled into one. Its genre can be classified as a cards based game, but it goes beyond that. The 8-bit graphics put you in a setting akin to the classic SNES games where you have to battle for the fate of the universe. The Player is given a set of cards with numbers on them and a target number on the screen. Your job is to create as many of those number as possible by adding, subtracting or multiplying them with each other. It is this mathematical element that takes it from an otherwise niche game into something something much more popular. Its sequel is in the works and will be coming out soon.

Download Calculords from the App Store (Free)

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