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BetterChrome Adds Social Sharing Options To Chrome For iPhone/iPad

Thanks to all the Chrome-related tweaks available in the Cydia store, Mobile Safari won’t be left with any distinguishing feature pretty soon. Until now, you can make Chrome your default iOS browser, add some awesome new features to it and also open any link in Google’s iPhone web browser using the nifty buttons added to Safari by a couple of tweaks (to learn more about all the best Cydia tweaks for iOS Chrome, head to our list post on the subject). Although there is already a nice collection of such tweaks in the Cydia store, BetterChrome is still one that can prove to be useful for a lot of people. This tweak adds a whole new menu to the Settings area of Chrome, and that new menu focuses on providing users with a few really handy sharing options. With BetterChrome, you will be able to share any page or link over Facebook, Twitter and Google+, right from within Chrome for iPhone and iPad!

BetterChrome Share BetterChrome Options

To get the new Share menu among Chrome’s Settings options, just install BetterChrome on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. You won’t have to configure anything to get the tweak working, as it does not add any new Springboard icon or dedicated menu to the stock Settings app. To verify the tweak’s installation, just launch the Chrome app and hit the Settings icon (located next to the address bar). You will see the new Share button as the second option in the Settings list. To make use of the new sharing button, go to any page you wish to show to your friends, and hit the Share button. This will open a new menu titled Share this Page. Not only can users post the link via this menu, it is also possible to add a caption before publishing the item. By default, the text box in the BetterChrome menu displays the link to the page being shared.

There are just three buttons in the the Share menu for now (other than the Cancel one), which are for sharing content over Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Sharing links over any of these networks will need you to be signed in to your account on Chrome, and if you are not, you will be asked to enter your account credentials and grant the tweak access to the service. Fortunately, you will have to go through all this only the first time you use BetterChrome, and things become much smoother in the future. BetterChrome will cost you $1, and can be downloaded from the ModMyi repo.

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