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Customize The iOS 7 Notification Center To Your Liking With BetterNC7

The Notification Center in iOS was one of the first steps towards a better overall notification management system, and since then, things have continued to improve for the Cupertino company’s operating system for smartphones and tablets. Over the course of last two major iterations of iOS, the notification center has improved considerably, especially when it comes to the design overhaul that iOS 7 brought. However, despite the visual enhancements, there is the omnipresent challenge of iOS not allowing detailed level control of any interface element, which is perhaps what prompted the release of BetterNC7 – a Cydia tweak for jailbroken iPhones aimed especially at improving (or changing) the iOS 7 Notification Center experience.

Available for free through the BigBoss repository, the tweak allows changing various facets of the Notification Center. For instance, not everyone might want to be greeted by Today view in NC. No problem, you can change that? The Yahoo! logo at the end not to your liking? You may hide that. Missed notifications view something that you don’t really care about? You will be better off at hiding that. That, and a lot more, is what BetterNC7 promises and delivers.

BetterNC7 (1) BetterNC7 (2) BetterNC7 (3)

The full range of features that BetterNC7 offers is rather extensive, with some of the notable ones being the ability to hide separators between the header tabs and the notifications themselves, changing the “x” for clearing notifications to actually say “Clear”, hide the option to clear altogether, hide any of the three tabs from Notification Center altogether, using transparent/blurred background, make banners stick in NC, hide the grabbers etc, as well as deciding how many lines of preview to offer per notification. If that’s not all, you can even disable the entire Notification Center using BetterNC7, too. All of the configurations get made through the row that this tweak adds to iOS’ native Settings app.

The screenshots below offer a slight comparison of the changes that I applied, with the right one showing the “after” view.

BetterNC7-4_ BetterNC7-5_

Tweaks like BetterNC7 remain one of the primary factors (or motivators) behind people opting for jailbreak solutions. Honestly, it’s not like you’re not missing out on something with the stock “inability” of making any such amendments, but just having this freedom to decide what I want to see on my device and where, and how, is what makes me feel better and in control. Then, Apple, too, has taken hint from Cydia tweaks in the past as to what people want, and maybe, as we see more iterations and evolution of the iOS ecosystem, Apple will begin introducing such controls on its own. Until then, BetterNC7 is one useful tweak to have on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, especially since it won’t cost you anything to give it a try.

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