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biteSMS For iOS 7 Now Available For Download

Following the release of the iOS 7 jailbreak, it was only a matter of time before Cydia apps started getting updated with minimalistic looks to match the new flat interface convention. We saw this trend in App Store offerings as soon as iOS 7 was announced, and now biteSMS has become the first jailbreak app to hop on to the bandwagon with version 8. Of course, the Cydia store itself got revamped just a few days ago with a new UI to go with iOS 7. There aren’t too many new features on offer in biteSMS 8, but the update still changes the whole game by moving the app away from the trademark skeuomorphic look found in its previous versions and towards one that matches the stock Messages app.

biteSMS iOS 7 Home biteSMS iOS 7 Thread biteSMS iOS 7 PopUp

Before you download the app, know that there are quite a few bugs in the current release. First of all, biteSMS 8.0 hasn’t yet been released in any of the default Cydia sources; fans will have to get it from the developer’s own repo. In the Cydia store, head to the ‘Manage’ tab and under ‘Sources’, tap ‘Add’ and enter the following URL.


Once the repo has been added, the latest version of the app should show up in the ‘Changes’ tab.

Most users might not see the app on the home screen after it is installed. To fix this issue, head to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store and reinstall Mobile Substrate and Substrate Safe Mode packages. Other users might get constant reminders to accept the app’s user license agreement, even after they have already done so. Since the final release of the app is just a few days away, we can safely assume that these problems will be fixed pretty soon.

Again, this version of the app is basically an interface overhaul. Everything from the app’s interactive notifications, keyboard, message bubble styles and options have been altered to be in tune with iOS 7. Just like previous versions of biteSMS, users get the choice to configure interactive notifications, and each iMessage/MMS thread has options to add media or Emoji to the mix (just tap the blank button next to the text input field).

The current pre-release version of biteSMS 8.0 has a lot of shortcomings, but once the final version is released and all these issues are resolved, the app will most likely return to being the go-to messaging alternative for iOS.

Update: The final build has been released.

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