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Create Polls & Ask The World For Opinions With Blurtopia For iPhone

Not too long ago, opinion polls were all the rage on Facebook, but the sudden enthusiasm seems to have cooled down a little in recent months. There are many people who liked the idea of these polls, but couldn’t agree to the way votes were visible publicly. Blurtopia is an iOS app that, much like popular Q&A app Thumb, offers a social network focused solely on opinion polls. You can create any type of poll in the app, and then choose to ask just your friends for their opinion, or the whole world. You have to attach photos with the polls you create, and other people can vote on them, while leaving comments as well. Rather than offering simple multiple choice polls, Blurtopia allows users to request ratings for a photo, or they can pit two photos against each other to see which one of them gets the most up-votes.

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To post, or ‘blurt’, things with Blurtopia, you will need to sign up for an account. This can be done via Facebook, Twitter or your email ID. Once that is done, you can attach a profile picture with your Blurtopia account, and select a display name that is different from the name you provided in the registration process. Before you post a Blurt of your own, take a look at the Discover section to get a hang of the way the app is meant to be used. There are three ways you can browse through the public posts. The Popular and Newest tabs show posts in the form of a continuous feed, while the third button brings up a list of Top Tags. The search button can be used to look for a poll containing a particular title or tag.

To create a Blurt of our own, you just have to choose a visibility status (Everyone or Followers) and poll type. As already mentioned, Blurtopia offers 3 types of polls. In Rate 1-5 and Thumbs Up modes, you will have to provide one photo and then ask the question (or you can simply caption the image). This or That is a head-to-head comparison between two items, which means you will be asked to attach two images before proceeding. You can also share any of your Blurts over social media.

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If a few of your friends are using the app too, you can follow them to stay apprised of all their latest activities. It is possible to vote on any public poll, or one from someone you know. You will be shown a post’s results after you have voted on it. Public Blurts can be shared over social media, and the photos that come with them can be saved to the camera roll. Although an excellent way to pass time or get some free feedback on the smallest of things, Blurtopia is an app that will most definitely be more fun if some of your friends start using it too. The app is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store.

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