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Brewster Merges Your iPhone Contacts With Facebook, Twitter, Gmail & Others

Like most of the stock apps in iOS, Contacts is functional, but does not come with too many extra bells and whistles. In fact, it is not too different from the address book you could have had in an old feature phone. However, the thing that sets iOS apart is the availability of all the awesome apps for iPhone users. There is a plethora of contact management solutions in the App Store, most of them offering something unique for you. Brewster is an iOS contact manager that combines your address book contacts with the ones from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Gmail. The best thing about the app is that you just have to sign in to all these accounts, and everything else is done automatically by Brewster. The app acts like an address book, but it is also a useful tool to sort your contacts using a lot of filters.

Brewster Home Brewster Search Brewster Profile

If you want to use Brewster, you will have to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the app. Connecting any other service is not mandatory, although the app does have support for many of them. Once you have signed up for Brewster, you will be presented with a patchwork of your contact photos. This is actually the menu where you have to specify your favorite contacts. Just tap as many pics as you want, and then hit the button located in the top right corner. Once you have connected all your accounts with Brewster, you can go through them in a number of ways. However, as people tend to use the search function more than browsing in contact apps, we will discuss that first. Although it is possible to search through your contacts quickly, you can access the search filters available in Brewster by clicking the Advanced Search button. You can sort through your contacts via their city, the place you know them from and other commonalities among you. If you don’t link any of your accounts with Brewster while initial set up, you can do so by going to the Profile section of the app.

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Brewster has a very smart Lists menu that creates new lists automatically, based on the information your contacts provide in their various profiles. You can create new lists manually as well, but in most cases the smart lists are enough. Brewster combines all the information it can find about any of your contacts in their profiles, and will even notify you if you haven’t contacted a particular person in a long time.

Brewster is a free app, and optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, as most people aren’t likely to use their iPad as a primary contact storage device. The app has a beautiful interface, and can be downloaded from the following link.

Download Brewster For iOS

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