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Brow.si For iPhone Is A Cross Between A Web Browser & Feed Reader

There’s absolutely no shortage of RSS readers or news aggregators on iOS. Hop onto App Store and you will find plenty of such options there, each with their own unique features. Though if you’re looking for an RSS reader that doubles as a snappy web browser, try Brow.si. This fascinating app lets you browse your favorite websites just like you would in any modern mobile browser. In addition, you can subscribe to the ones that you frequently visit and receive push notifications for updated content published on them. Thus, it eliminates the need of using a web browser in conjunction with a separate news reader app for the purpose. Furthermore, any links that you want to open from your subscribed content wouldn’t require a separate browser either, also eliminating the need to switch between a browser and your feed reader while going through your feeds.

Sporting a minimalistic interface, Brow.si presents everything in an immersive, user-friendly way. Before you begin, the app requires you to sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account in order to keep track of all the feeds you’ve subscribed to. Simply tap the account that you want use, provide the required credentials, grant the required permissions and you’re in! Brow.si’s interface carries three buttons on the bottom-left: Timeline, Reading List and Browser, accompanied by a Settings button to the right. The Timeline is where all your current feeds for the websites you have subscribed to reside. You can swipe vertically to reveal more feeds, and tap any of them to read the full story in the built-in browser.

Brow.si Brow.si_Notifications

The Reading List is more like a bookmark catalog that holds all your subscriptions in one place. You can tap any subscription from the list to visit the website in Browse section. Speaking of the app’s web browsing capability, it’s pretty damn good. There’s a navigation button on the right that expands to reveal options for subscribing to the page’s feed, sharing the page on social media, changing the font size and accessing the app’s settings. To subscribe to the website’s feed, tap the copy button, followed by the reading list or timeline buttons. You will find two more buttons at the bottom that let you connect Brow.si with Pocket and Readability, both of which are separate services that enables bookmarking pages for offline reading. Once connected, you can send any web page to these services to be able to read it later. Furthermore, you can share the current page on supported social media services or via email.

Brow.si_Reading list Brow.si_Browse

The Settings screen of the app lets you specify the frequency of push notifications, as well as manage your account and subscriptions settings.


The folks behind the app are working on another nifty feature for a future update that will allow you to synchronize your subscriptions between desktop and iOS. All in all, it’s an elegant solution to keep a tab on your favorite websites and browse websites in general without having to switch between two apps. You can grab Brow.si from the Apps Store via the download link below

Download Brow.si for iOS


  1. I also heard that their plan is to include third party mini apps on their toolkit so site owners will be able to create widgets suited to their vertical (e-commerce, dating, tourism….) Cool stuff…..

  2. These guys are awesome. They did something that the giants of the industry did not manage to achieve…… and you haven’t covered the push notifications bridge they created so effectively you can have a website with no native app (Appstore and Google Play) and still send push notifications to your fellow mobile users…….

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