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Browse & Upload To Instagram From iPhone Home Screen With InstaVelox

As we predicted in our compilation of the best add-ons for Velox, the steady flow of the tweak’s amazingly useful widgets isn’t looking to dry up any time soon. Velox offers a great way of controlling different iOS features from the SpringBoard, but it can also go beyond that and let you use almost entire apps without actually going away from your phone’s Home screen. These app-related Velox add-ons have managed to attract a lot of users and for that reason, the release of InstaVelox is pretty big news. This widget focuses on one of the most popular apps available in the App Store: Instagram. With InstaVelox, you get to access just about any part of your Instagram account right from the app’s icon. It is not even necessary that you use the account configured on the Instagram app itself, as InstaVelox works independently from that. You cannot upload new images using the widget, but everything else is possible with InstaVelox.

InstaVelox iOS InstaVelox iOS Comments InstaVelox iOS Profile

Since the InstaVelox account is configured differently from your Instagram app account, users have to sign in when the widget is first invoked, even if they want to use the same account in the app and the add-on. Once logged in, It is possible to browse through your account’s main feed, and visit your own profile or that of any of your friends. For now, the three icons available at the bottom of the add-on are not functional and tapping any of them just launches the app. There are other ways of navigating within the widget though; let’s take a look at them.

Tap a person’s name or display picture if you want to go to their profile. All the buttons and icons that show up in the main area of the widget are clickable, which almost makes up for the broken buttons in the bottom bar. If you want to view options related to your own profile, simply long-press your profile picture from the upper-right corner. The available options in the resulting dropdown menu are ‘View Profile’, ‘Edit Profile’, ‘Badges’ and logout. You can leave comments and likes on photos that show up in your main feed, but there is no notification system in InstaVelox, so you have to rely on the app or the Instagram website for any further details.

InstaVelox is a free widget, but of course you’ll need the paid Velox tweak before you can use it. The add-on is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and works only with iOS 6 devices. For a tweak that focuses on the Instagram app itself, read our post on Instahancer.

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