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BuddyLock Brings A Snazzy Look, App Shortcuts & Widgets To iPhone Lock Screen

If Android’s lock screen widgets and other similar features have made you envious, the iOS jailbreak store has some pretty decent offerings for you. There are plenty of ways you can place widgets and even app shortcuts on the lock screen of your iPhone. BuddyLock is the latest tweak to offer that functionality, but it does even more. Pretty much like SlideToMod, this new tweak also offers a ton of customization options for the lock screen slider, the time bar and the camera grabber. The awesomeness doesn’t end there though; BuddyLock comes with a few widgets as well, that allow users to change system settings with a single tap. To round everything off, you can even place your address book or music playlists on the lock screen area.

BuddyLock iOS Settings BuddyLock iOS Theme BuddyLock iOS Extras

BuddyLock is a really comprehensive tweak, which is why it has a rather intimidating menu in the stock Settings app. If you are happy with the visual aspects of your lock screen, ignore the ‘Theming’ menu; otherwise there are plenty options available here for that purpose. The areas of the lock screen that can be altered include the header behind the time bar, the date area, the lock slider and the camera grabber. You can change the color of these entities, give them a new opacity level or simply make them invisible.

BuddyLock iOS Apps BuddyLock iOS Widgets

When it comes to placing app shortcuts on the lock screen, BuddyLock lets you choose either five apps or four apps plus a folder. The folder offered by the tweak can further house four apps, taking the total to eight. Both system and user apps can be chosen to fill the available shortcut slots. To launch any of these apps or the camera via camera grabber, you just have to move the unlock knob to the appropriate icon. To simply unlock your device, use the icon located to the right of the screen.

Apart from app shortcuts, BuddyLock also offers widgets. If you enable the widget bar and assign it an invoking gesture, a bar appears at the side of the screen. From here, it is possible to use options like toggling WiFi, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, and Do Not Disturb, start creating a note, or write a post for Facebook and Twitter.

Just like the widgets bar, BuddyLock can also be used to place shortcuts to your playlists and address book on the lock screen. Another useful little feature of the tweak is its ability to let you dismiss notifications right from the lock screen by swiping them awau to the left.

BuddyLock costs just $0.99, which is a bargain price for such a useful tweak. Give it a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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