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Buy & Sell Items Online The Easy Way With SellSimple For iPhone

Sites like EBay and Craigslist have earned the trust of millions of users because they have been around for quite some time now. Times are changing though, with people preferring to do everything from their smartphones rather than a desktop or laptop computer. While many of these older services have their own apps, putting an item up for sale on them using only your iPhone isn’t exactly too convenient. You might put up the ad easily enough, but payment and other purchase arrangements still require some lengthy steps for security reasons. SellSimple is an iOS app that makes sure you don’t have to worry much about the selling procedure, by offering a perfect balance between security and convenience. You can search for a product using comprehensive filters, arrange to meet an item’s owner, and make payments right from within the app using your preferred mode of transaction.

SellSimple iOS Listings SellSimple iOS Filters SellSimple iOS Product

SellSimple requires its users to sign up for an account, but you don’t have to associate your payment details until you are actually about to purchase or sell something. So if your aim is to just look around for some virtual window shopping first, you can skip the financial details in the registration process. Upon logging in, all the recent ads published by other users can be viewed in the ‘Listings’ section of the app. You can browse through these random deals until you find something interesting, or use the search button to filter out the ads based on your exact needs. You can search based on area, price range, and the time for which a listing has been around. Before making a bid, you can send the ad’s publisher a message, or add the item to your personal wish list.

SellSimple iOS Photos SellSimple iOS Sale

To sell an item, hit the camera button located in the middle of the bottom bar. You can snap three photos of the product, or simply load them from the camera roll of your device. The ‘Details’ section requires you to specify the item’s price, name and description. You can also mention if you are willing to offer shipping (both for free or for extra charges), and if there is a possibility that buyers living near your location can meet up with you to inspect the item or take its delivery.

SellSimple holds every deal’s payment in escrow until the buyer has received and approved the product. Any credit or debit card is acceptable in the app, and the actual payment is made by a secure third-party client. In this way, SellSimple seems to have all basics covered when it comes to security.

The app is available for free and you won’t have to pay anything to put up your ads either. SellSimple is iPhone-optimized and options like ‘Local Meetup’ coupled with secure money transfer, make it perfect for people looking to sell anything quickly.

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