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Add Call Shortcuts For Contact Names In The Stock iOS Reminders App

When Astrid started offering syncing with the stock Reminders app, a lot of people were quick to switch to it. Though the app became too famous for its own good and was acquired by Yahoo! a few months back. This means that Astrid will soon be shutting down, forcing people to look for other task management apps. Although there are plenty of decent third-party reminder apps available for iOS, many users might switch back to the stock Reminders app, as it doesn’t have any glaring flaws and comes with a few pretty good features. Another benefit of using stock apps is that the jailbreak community always keeps striving to make them better. A great example of this phenomenon is the new CallReminders Cydia tweak, which adds a seemingly minor but very useful feature to iPhone’s Reminders app. With this tweak, users get to create reminders that have a contact’s calling information embedded within them, which means you can place a call without even having to leave the Reminders app.

CallReminders iOS Settings CallReminders iOS Entries CallReminders iOS Call

CallReminders is a free tweak, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. Once the tweak has been installed, it adds a simple menu of its own to the stock Settings app. You can begin using the tweak without opening the menu at all, since it contains nothing more than a single field labeled ‘Delimiter’. This delimiter can be any symbol that you want to use in order to differentiate a contact’s name from the remaining content of a reminder. By default, this field has quotation marks in it, which means that anything written inside quotation marks is treated as a contact name. Whenever an entry in the Reminders app containing a delimiter is tapped, a dialog shows up with the option of making a call to the detected contact.

If you aren’t careful in specifying a contact and there are multiple people with the same name in your address book, the tweak lists all of their entries in its dialog box, but there is no way of differentiating among them. While this problem can be easily countered by using the contact’s full name, it is definitely something that can be improved in the tweak’s next update.

CallReminders is the kind of tweak that doesn’t nag its users in any way, but comes in handy when you really need it. Give it a go if you have an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 5+.

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