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CameraTweak 2 Adds Gestures, Timer, Resolution Control & More To iOS 7 Camera App

If you are already a fan of some third-party Camera app for iPhone, you might not be missing CameraTweak too much after updating to iOS 7. Anyone who has previously had a taste of the tweak in the past, however, is sure to be thrilled by the news that CameraTweak 2 has just been released for iOS 7. The updated version of the tweak doesn’t just bring compatibility with the latest iOS version; it also offers a completely new UI and some new ways of enjoying extra camera features. CameraTweak 2 works in both photo and video modes, with options like White Balance Lock, countdown timer, a timelapse mode and more  added to the mix. To make CameraTweak 2 really convenient to use and unobtrusive, the developer has added gestures to it, which ensure that the added buttons don’t interfere with normal camera operations.

CameraTweak 2 iOS Settings CameraTweak 2 iOS Timer

When you launch the stock Camera app for the first time after the tweak’s installation, an animated figure shows up on the viewfinder, displaying the way to dismiss and invoke the additional buttons. You simply have to swipe vertically on the screen to toggle the visibility of these buttons. The instructions related to these gestures are also located inside the CameraTweak 2 Settings menu. Other options in this menu include toggles to keep your settings saved to the Camera app, and changing the way ‘Advanced mode’ works.

In Advanced mode, users can tap the screen to change the exposure lock’s position. The second button available in the bar added by the tweak lets you initiate a time-lapse mode, where you just have to choose a delay period and hit the capture button before the Camera can get to work. The countdown timer is perfect for taking selfies. In both modes, the dial to change the time duration has a pretty neat design. You have to rotate your finger around the dial to change its setting. The white balance mode has to be called into action using the last button in the CameraTweak 2 bar.

CameraTweak 2 iOS Resolution CameraTweak 2 iOS Video

To change the resolution of the image before you capture it, hit the button next to the shutter. The available resolutions range from 144p to 2448p, with a text description against each option to describe the purpose for which the resolution is mostly used. In video mode, the resolution option is accompanied by a button to changes the FPS value of your camera. White Balance Lock is also functional while capturing videos. If you want to take still shots while shooting a video, hit the camera icon in the CameraTweak 2 bar.

CameraTweak 2 costs $0.99 if you are an existing user of the tweak’s older version, but anyone who is new to CameraTweak must shell out $1.49 to grab it. If CameraTweak 2 sounds like a package that will enhance your iOS 7 experience, give it a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the jailbreak store.

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  1. It adds a ton of new features, but so far, one of the most basic features (remember settings) still doesn’t work.

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