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Canopy Supercharges iPhone Safari With Closed Tab Recovery & Much More

Safari has its fair share of tweaks in the jailbreak store, but we all know it’s Chrome that has been the favorite of developers for the past few years. Most of the tweaks aimed at Safari are not very feature-rich, and often perform just a single task. Safari Unibar and Privata are two examples of this trend, which has finally been broken by a new tweak named Canopy that comes with a bunch of really useful options for Mobile Safari. Thanks to the tweak, users get to reopen tabs that have been closed accidentally. The search experience is improved considerably as well, as you can make use of the ‘Paste & Search’ option added to the action menu by the tweak, and also delete individual past searches. There is plenty of other features on offer too, which can potentially make Safari the best browser you can hope to have on your iPhone.

Canopy iOS Settings Canopy iOS Icon Canopy iOS Recently Closed

Canopy adds some options to Safari automatically after its installation, but it is also possible to manually configure a few things by heading to the tweak’s menu in the Settings app. There are a lot of features on offer in Canopy, which is why you might need to go through the tweak’s user manual available under the ‘Features’ tab. Other options on the same page let you set up actions against a couple of gestures. By default, Canopy opens a new page with an animation if you long-press the tabs button inside Safari. It is possible to get rid of the animation, or disable the gesture altogether. Similar options are available for the bookmarks icon, but this gesture lets you quickly add a page to your favorites or reading list.

One thing about Safari that has always bothered me is how the browser’s own settings can’t be accessed from within it. With Canopy, this issue is resolved, as the tweak adds a new icon to the tab selection view in Safari, tapping which takes you straight to the Safari section of the stock Settings app.

In order to recover pages you have closed recently, hit the tabs icon and from the next screen, long-press the ‘New Page’ button. This opens a list of all the pages that have been closed during your current browsing session.

When it comes to search, Canopy offers a lot of control over Safari. You can paste anything in the search box, and a ‘Paste & Search’ option shows up automatically in the action menu. It is also possible to delete searches saved in the autosuggestions box. Similar deletion options are offered in the ‘History’ section.

For just $0.99, Canopy transforms Safari into a powerhouse of a web browser that doesn’t suffer from many annoying shortcomings. If you haven’t fallen for a third-party iOS browser just yet, this tweak is a must-have as it provides features that aren’t even there in most competitors of Safari. Canopy is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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