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CarTunes Is A Gorgeous, Gesture-Based Music Player For iPhone & iPad

A lot of iOS apps have been successful just for their looks and novelty factor, but if an app combines a good interface with some useful features, people are sure to love it. The stock Music app in the iPhone and iPad is sufficient for most users, but if you don’t want something extra out of your iDevice, what’s the App Store for? CarTunes is not one of those music players that are full to the brim with unnecessary features and useless UI elements. The app is beautiful, but in its own simplistic way. The main focus in CarTunes is on gesture control. It allows you to control your whole music library in any way possible via just a few simple gestures. The app supports the displays of iPhone 5 and the new iPad, making it the perfect music player for all iOS users.

CarTunes iOS Player CarTunes iOS Options CarTunes iOS Albums

CarTunes is an uncomplicated app, and it starts with one of the most easy-to-follow to tutorials we have seen in a long time. You will be asked to perform each of the available gestures before the actual “Now Playing” screen shows up. To select a song, swipe upwards from the bottom edge of the screen. This will take you to your music library. CarTunes offers a number of ways to view your music collection (by artist, song, album and playlist), all of which are available at the top of the screen. Albums can be viewed in a list as well as grid, with album art showing up on each tile in grid view.

CarTunes is not limited to music only, and has a separate menu for podcasts, with all the same playback options. The music player runs full-screen, and operates solely on gesture. You have to tap the screen once to start playing the current song, while tapping again pauses it. Swiping to the right takes you to the next track in the playlist, while a swipe in the opposite direction will take you back to the previous track. To enter shuffle mode, flick the screen in any direction using two fingers. If you have already got a Twitter account set up on your iPhone, a swipe on the Now Playing screen will tweet the current track (complete with album art and artist info).

As mentioned before, the app may be simple in nature, but it has its cosmetic positives. The color and other interface elements of the app change automatically to match the album art of the song currently being played.

A few users have complained that the app crashes constantly for them, but we did not experience any such issues during our brief but thorough test run. CarTunes is a universal app, and has gone free for a limited time. Give it a try, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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