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Challenge Yourself To Put Your Phone Away While You Eat [iOS]

Smartphone addiction is something we all suffer from in varying degrees. Some of us might wake up in the middle of the night just to check every single social media and messaging app we have installed on our phone, while others might feel their phone has become an extension of their hand. This habit is annoying especially when you’re with a large group of people in any sort of social setting. If you’re guilty of not being able to put your phone down, DinnerMode is a free app that you might consider using to curb your addiction. It’s a very simple app that lets you set a 15, 30, or 60 minute timer. So long as your timer is running, you must not pick up your phone and check it and from the sound of the app’s name, using it during dinner is recommended.

The app doesn’t require an internet connection to work, nor do you need to sign up to a service. It does let you tweet that you’re about to observe a period of phone-abstinence before you start. Set the timer to 15, 30, or 60 minutes. It gives you fifteen seconds to put your phone down.  You can tap the Twitter button at the bottom left to quickly tweet out that you won’t be looking at your phone for a while.

DinnerMode DinnerMode_set

If you survive the timer, the app congratulates you and you can tweet about it. If you fail, and pick up your phone before the timer has run out, that app lets you know you’ve failed (and you can tweet about that as well).

DinnerMode_complete  DinnerMode_cheating

What I like about DinnerMode is that the timers let you ease out of your cell phone addiction. You may not be ready to go cold turkey by setting your phone aside for a whole hour so you can instead take baby steps and divide it into several phone-free fifteen minute intervals.

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