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CloudLover Offers A Quick Way To Access iCloud Tabs In Safari For iOS

When Google Chrome brought tab syncing to iOS last summer, it was pretty clear that Apple would have to add the same feature to Safari, or risk seeing it become the second best web browser on their own mobile platform. iOS 6 did add tab syncing to the stock iPhone web browser, making use of iCloud for the purpose. A bit unexpectedly though, this particular feature didn’t get too much attention, even from Apple. Instead of adding a new iCloud button to the browser’s main screen, the option is hidden inside the bookmarks collection of Safari. For all avid users of iCloud, or anyone who owns more than one Apple devices, the extra taps to reach synced tabs are sure to seem pretty annoying. As is the case with most annoyances in iOS, the Cydia store has a solution. CloudLover doesn’t add an iCloud tabs button to Safari, but it does something even better. The tweak lets you configure a  gesture against two of Safari’s existing buttons to access your synced tabs in the blink of an eye.

CloudLover iOS Cydia CloudLover iOS Settings CloudLover iOS

CloudLover has to be configured once you have installed it, and for this purpose, a new menu is added to the stock Settings app. The tweak’s menu has only two options, along with the developer’s contact info. The two Safari icons that can be converted into shortcuts for iCloud are tabs and bookmarks. Of course, these buttons don’t lose their original functionality, since CloudLover only comes into action when you long-press the icon you configured. Tapping the icon once can allow you to keep using Safari as normal. You can choose to assign the long-press gesture to one or both of the listed icons, and the CloudLover Settings menu has separate toggles for each.

If the gesture doesn’t work after you have configured it, exit Safari, kill it from the App Switcher tray and re-launch. Everything should be working as advertised now.

A similar tweak, CloudTabs+, was released in the Cydia store a few days back, but for one thing, you had to pay to get your hands on it, and it also didn’t have any options to let users choose the icon of their choice to access iCloud tabs quickly. So, grab CloudLover, since it is free and doesn’t make any ugly changes to Safari. The tweak works only with iOS 6 and later firmware versions, and can be downloaded from the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store.

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