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Cloze Brings Its Combined Email & Social Media Feed To iOS

For a brief period of time, email was the most important part of most people’s online life, but then social networks came along and changed everything. With Facebook and Twitter’s rise to fame, most of us regularly check our social network accounts for messages, in addition to our email inboxes. Since email and social media are now almost equally important, it makes sense to manage and view them in one place. Cloze is a web service that that gathers data from your social network and email accounts to come up with an integrated feed consisting of updates from people that really matter to you, and its iOS app has just made its way to the iTunes App Store. Cloze calculates a person’s importance based on your past interactions, but you can also manually alter this rating to customize your stream. Posts from other contacts aren’t ignored either, and have a separate section of their own. The app has options for both viewing items and corresponding with contacts, making it a one-stop shop for your everyday correspondence.

To get started, you have to create a Cloze account using your email address. The next step is to connect all your social media services and email accounts with the app. Cloze supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, and any IMAP-supported email service. After the accounts have been linked, Cloze displays a few instructions to help you grasp the app’s full potential.

Cloze iOS Feed

Cloze analyzes data from all your accounts and configures everything automatically. The contacts that you have interacted with most frequently are labeled as ‘Key People’, and have an entire section of their own, with emails and social media posts from them arranged in a dedicated timeline. An item in the feed is considered unread unless you perform some action on it. It is possible to bookmark the post for later, or manually mark it as read by tapping the checkmark icon. To reply to an email, retweet a tweet, or comment on a Facebook status, use the button next to the check box.

Other than the Key People feed, Cloze shows a feed consisting of posts from people you are losing touch with, an ‘Other Mail’ feed for email messages from other contacts, and a section for any bulk email that you get.

Cloze iOS Settings Cloze iOS People

From what we have discussed so far, you might be thinking of Cloze as an app that keeps all the control to itself, but that’s not the case. If you choose, you can customize a lot of things about it simply by heading to the ‘Settings’ section. You can set the app to mark posts as read whenever you move them to a new folder, or only do so manually regardless of the action taken on them. Speaking of folders, Cloze also supports personalized folders, meaning users can make any new category and add the contacts of their choice to it for their emails and social media updates to show up automatically in that folder. This lets you have a completely personalized feed arranged according to your preferences.

Cloze iOS Profile Cloze iOS Score

Other than bringing convenience to your email and social media management, Cloze can also be used for regulating your frequency of correspondence with particular contacts. If you want to hear less from a person, simply go to their profile within the app and assign them a low score goal. The opposite can be done to see more posts from someone and to make them a key contact.

Cloze is the kind of app that would have been great even with a hefty price tag, but the fact that you can download it for free just adds to its already great appeal and makes it a must-have. You can grab this universal app by heading to the following link.

Download Cloze For iOS

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