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Get Deal Alerts & Purchase With Passbook Using Clutch Shopping For iPhone

Passbook has been slow off the block, but companies and vendors are finally realizing the true potential of this iOS 6 service. A lot of big names have already integrated Passbook with their apps, and many smaller developers have started following suit too. Having a virtual manager for your boarding passes, gift cards and coupons is quite useful, but Clutch Shopping takes a big step towards making Passbook more universal. The App Store already has a bunch of deal finders and shopping-related clients, but Clutch just might be the first one to let users scan real-life gift cards and sync them with Passbook to create a virtual wallet that can be used at various online shopping stores. The app has a social side to it as well, offering Facebook integration for you to keep an eye on  birthday calendars of your contacts and send them gifts from within Clutch.

Clutch Shopping iOS List Clutch Shopping iOS Filter Clutch Shopping iOS Deal

Since Passbook is an integral part of Clutch Shopping, the app is exclusive to iOS 6. You will be prompted to scan your shopping cards in order to populate the ‘Wallet’ section of the app. Another option is to make use of the loyalty cards and coupons available in the app’s own store. Clutch Shopping is perfect for sending gifts to others. Both online products and gift cards can be purchased on Clutch and to help you with the whole gifting procedure, there is the ‘Friends’ section. To get the most out of it, connect your Facebook ID with Clutch so that the app can alert you to send gifts to friends on their birthdays.

As a deal tracker, Clutch Shopping has some pretty handy options. You can search for brands and products by name, or browse through different categories until you arrive at the item of your choice. By hitting the star icon in the top-right corner, you can follow products and categories; Clutch then alerts you whenever there is a new deal that matches your interest. The public/private toggle determines whether your deals and preferences are viewable by your friends or only by you.

Once an adequate number of brands and items have been added to ‘Clutch List’, you can browse through them in a number of ways. Swipe across the screen to view all the items that match your chosen criteria, or select a price range so that only the articles falling in that window are displayed.

Clutch Shopping takes you to a product’s official website to purchase it but thanks to the Wallet feature, you won’t have to go through different payment procedures for each service. If you have the shopping card for a particular store saved in Clutch, the app will guide you through the purchase quite conveniently.

With the holiday season almost here, having an app like Clutch can be a big boost to people who rely on online shopping more than going to the mall. The app runs on iPhone/iPod Touch running iOS 6, and is optimized for iPhone 5. You can download it for free from the following link.

Download Clutch Shopping For iOS

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