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Convert Time Zones For Up To Five Locations From Anywhere On Your iPhone

Work places have changed a lot and it’s becoming more and more common for workers to be located in different cities, and even different time zones. Where this makes it super easy for talented people to work together without geographical restraints, it’s a bit of a struggle for anyone who needs to make a phone call or schedule a meeting. Klok is a free iOS app that is a wonderful tool built to help you manage communication between different time zones. In addition to being beautifully designed, the app brings ease of access by working through a widget. Users can add up to five different time zones and chart the time difference between all five.

Install Klok and open it. It comes with with four popular time zones already added. Swipe left to remove a time zone and tap the little plus button at the top right to add a new one. You can choose how the clocks are arranged on the widget by direction i.e. West to East or East to West. For those of you wondering why that’s important, consider what they say about Japan being the land of the rising sun i.e. they’re a day ahead of Europe and the Americas. You can choose to view time in an analog clock or a digital clock in the widget.

kolk-times  klok_add-city

Once you’ve got your time zones all set up, pull down the Notification Center and go to the Today tab to add the widget. Tap the widget and prepare to fall in love. The highlighted white clock faces indicate that it is an appropriate time to make a call in that particular time zone. If you want to see what time it will be in say London when it’s Six o’Clock in San Francisco, simply tap the clock face for San Francisco and use the number row (indicates hour) to change the time. All clock faces will be duly updated to reflect the change in time. The plus one and minus one indicators tell you if that time zone is still on the same day/date or on the previous one.

klok-widget-2  klok-widget

If this isn’t an impressive time keeping tool, I don’t know what is.

Install Klok From The App Store

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