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Correct & Enhance Dim Photos With Orasis For iPhone & iPad

Before snapping a photo, most of us try to adjust the camera settings to perfection, but there are times when you can’t take too long, especially if you are using your iPhone. There are apps available for iOS devices that try to maximize the chances of getting a good photo each time, as unless you’re always in perfect lighting, you are bound to take a photo that is too grainy or too dark. Orasis is an iPhone and iPad app designed precisely for such photos. It automatically enhances any image you want, maximizing the level of detail and letting you tinker with the picture’s brightness. In the app’s manual mode, users can adjust every aspect of the photo just the way they want.

Orasis iOS Manual Orasis iOS Color Orasis iOS Effect

Orasis can be used to edit images from the camera roll, or you can use the app’s camera mode and snap new photos to work with. By default, images are retouched automatically, but the original copy will remain unchanged. If you aren’t satisfied with the ‘Auto’ changes, the ‘Manual’ tab is the right place for you. The Manual section has the following four sub-sections:

  • Appearance: This option brings up sliders for pronouncing the bright and dark areas of the image independently (much like Photoshop’s “Shadows/Highlights” option). It is also possible to make changes to the overall outlook of the photo via the ‘Tonal Width’ option.
  • Correction: This section allows brightness and contrast adjustment.
  • Color: The ‘Color Saturation’ slider lets users choose the overall intensity of colors in the scene. To choose the specific color component that should dominate the image, slide the cross-hair over the color grid.
  • Presets: A group of predefined filters. While Sepia, Gray and Cartoon effects deal mainly with colors, the ‘Soft’ and ‘pseudo HDR’ ones provide variations of the auto enhancement performed by Orasis.

Orasis iOS Original Orasis iOS Share

When you are done editing, hit the save button at the top to export your handiwork to the camera roll. The sharing options in Orasis include Facebook, Twitter and email. You can also copy the edits to clipboard.

Orasis might not have a very attractive interface, but when it comes to features, the app does everything it is meant to do quite efficiently. The Auto correction almost always works well, but even if it doesn’t  you can use the impressive manual options to get the desired results.

Head to the App Store via the link provided below to download this universal app for free.

Download Orasis For iOS

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