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Create A Color Scheme Centered Around A Single Color Of Your Choice

Just last week we reviewed Sip for iOS; the newly released partner app for the color picking tool of the same name available for Mac. We compared it to Adobe Color in terms of feature and functionality. A brand new arrival in the same niche is Coolors, a free iOS app that generates random color schemes. You can cycle through the many schemes it has to offer, or you can enter any color code and have the app suggest colors to go with it. Once you’ve settled on a scheme, you can export it over email, as a PDF, a URL, or a PNG file.

Launch the app and tap the bottom left to cycle through different schemes. You can share them by tapping the upward arrow button. To revisit a previous scheme, tap the left facing arrow and cycle through all the previous ones.

Coolors Coolors_share

If you like a color in the suggested schemes, or have one picked out already, tap a color where its number appears and enter the code for the color you want to use. The app will update accordingly. To retain that one color, or any color in your scheme and have all the others shuffle around to fit with the one you like, tap a color on the right to ‘lock’ it. A padlock icon will appear and all colors with that icon will not change as you cycle through more themes.

Coolors_edit Coolors_lock

Coolors is not bad as far as inspiration goes but it is definitely taking the long route to helping you find a good theme to use. It lacks a few basic features such as how many colors you might want in a scheme. Additionally, it doesn’t let you select if you want contrasting colors or hues of just one color. That said, the ability to anchor one color and have all other suggestions center around it is not bad.

Install Coolors From The App Store

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