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Discover New Songs & Create A Wishlist Of Those You Plan To Buy With Listn For iPhone

The Notes app in iOS is handy for a lot of purposes, but no one is ever likely to call it a great music discovery tool. Yet, many people use it to keep track of all the song suggestions they get from friends or various other sources. Now however, there is a much more efficient way of making sure you never forget any music-related suggestion in the future. From its interface, you might be fooled into seeing Listn as just another to-do list app for the iPhone. On the contrary, the app combines the organizational convenience of task management lists with music discovery. This match might sound a bit unlikely at first but once you use Listn, your thoughts are sure to change. All it takes is searching for a song or artist in the app, and then remembering to put a checkmark against its name once you have listened to the track. As a bonus, Listn also offers complete artist bios and various album art photos to spice things up.

Listn iOS List Listn iOS Discover

A great thing about Listn is that you don’t have to spend any time in learning how to use it; it’s so simple that there is just one line of text to help users get started. Basically, whenever you come across a song or artist suggestion, you just have to search for it in the app using the bar on the main page. Listn supports automatic suggestions, so you are not likely to run into any trouble while trying to find the right track or artist. Once your music list is populated, you can start arranging it according to your liking. Mark your favorite recommendations with the star icon, which places them at the top of the pile, and mark a suggestion as done once you have listened to it – it really is that simple!

Listn iOS Album Art Listn iOS Bio Listn iOS Tracks

Each band or artists listed in Listn has a dedicated page of its own where you can see album art, bio and iTunes links to their tracks. Listn also lets you preview the songs within the app, and you can go straight to iTunes to make the purchase if you are satisfied with the teaser.

Apart from being a good tool for remembering real-life music suggestions, Listn can also be used for viewing the complete discography of any artist you want, helping you discover more interesting music from them. The app can get even better if the developer makes it intelligent enough to offer suggestions of its own based on your personal music list.

You can grab Listn for free on the iTunes App Store, where it is available as an iOS 6-exclusive app.

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