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Create Freestyle Electronic Song Remixes With Ninja Jamm For iPhone

There are some really expensive iOS apps out there (specially for the iPad) that are good enough to be used by professional DJs in place of all the software and applications they use on their computers. On the other hand, there are some other apps that have the same basic concept, but don’t offer options that are as thorough. When we reviewed DJ Player back in December, it appeared to be a pretty good app for tinkering with a limited number of aspects of the songs in your library. After seeing Ninja Jamm though, we have to say that the things you can do to tracks with this app are just unbelievable. Despite the rather disappointing fact that Ninja Jamm doesn’t let you import the songs you purchase via iTunes, the features it does offer are good enough to make you forget all its shortcomings.

Ninja Jamm iOS Tunes Ninja Jamm iOS Jamm

The mixes that are available in Ninja Jamm are labeled ‘tune packs’. As the app has been released by the record label Ninja Tune, only artists who are affiliated with it are available in Ninja Jamm. One pack is available for free, while the rest have to be unlocked via separate in-app purchases of varying prices. Before making a purchase though, it is better if you take the free album for a test run to understand everything Ninja Jamm is capable of doing.

When you start a Jamm session, the app takes you through an extensive tutorial, but that’s understandable since the app has a lot of controls and buttons that many might otherwise have difficulty in understanding. In case you skip the tutorial, it can always be accessed again by using the small question mark in the top-right corner.

Ninja Jamm iOS Beats Ninja Jamm iOS Coldcut

The loaded tune begins playing as soon as you get to the editing screen. To control different channels, hit the four icons in the extreme left corner. Almost all aspects of these channels can be controlled separately. Through the second column, it becomes possible to switch between drill and clip modes. Within these modes, users get to change the rhythm of the tune, or simply view the music’s waveform.

Want to add a bit of the stab effect to the tune? Enter stab mode using the second icon in the bottom bar. A cool effect available in Ninja Jamm is its ability to let you remix the tune using your device’s gyroscope. In XY-pad mode, you can either use two fingers to mix things up, or simply tilt your device after enabling the gyro toggle. For everyone who is a bit too lazy to go through all the available effects, there is the ‘Coldcut’ mode, which creates new versions of the tune automatically.

The tunes you create using the app don’t vanish as soon as you exit the app, as there is the option of sharing it via SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. Ninja Jamm is a new release, and is available for free. The in-app purchases are largely justified in our opinion, and the end results you get are great as well.  You can give this iPhone & iPod touch-optimized app a try by heading to the link provided below.

Download Ninja Jamm For iOS

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