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How To Create A Nameless Folder On iOS Without Jailbreak

Now that iOS 7 is just a day away from its public release, a lot of iPhone owners are getting ready to bid a fond farewell to the Cydia store, at least for the time being. Apple has tried its best to ensure that there is little reason to miss the jailbreak, thanks to the new Control Center and improved Siri commands. There are a lot of things though, that can’t be accomplished unless you have access to the Cydia store. A very small example of this is that thanks to tweaks like BeautiFolders and FolderIcons, something as seemingly insignificant as a folder can be altered on your iPhone. Although iOS 7 has completely changed the way folders look, and you can finally put Newsstand inside a folder as well, there are still a few things that you just can’t control, one of them being the possibility of leaving the name field for a folder blank. iOS automatically suggests a name for the older as soon you drag one app over another, and even if you leave the field blank, the name returns as soon you exit editing mode. If, for some reason, this has annoyed you in the past, there is a glitch that can be exploited to easily create as many nameless folders as you want.

iOS 7 No Folder iOS 7 Nameless Folder iOS 7 Blank Folder

The glitch is pretty inexplicable, and apparently has been around for quite a while now (it works even with iOS 6). So, here is all you need to do in order to create a folder that has no name.

  1. Head to the App Store and download any of the popular free apps listed under the ‘Food & Drink’ category there. You can simply go for Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts if you can’t decide upon an app.
  2. Once the app has been installed successfully (it won’t work while the download is in progress), drag it to any other icon and create a folder out of it. You’ll notice that iOS will not automatically fill in the name field of this folder.
  3. Hit the Home button and exit editing mode. You should now have a folder that doesn’t have a name.

Once a nameless folder has been created, you’re free to remove the Food & Drink app from it (or even delete the app altogether), and the name doesn’t return as long as the folder is kept intact. If you want to create such folders in the future as well, though, it’ll be a good idea to keep that app handy.

[via iDownloadBlog]

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