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Create, Share & Discover Photo Effects & Filters On iPhone With Moxie

It is certainly not a completely new concept for a photo editor to come up with the option of letting users create their own image effects. In the past, we have seen Magic Hour and Snapster do this with considerable success, and there are some other examples out there, too. Most of the times, however, photo filters don’t really have to be created from scratch, and apps merely offer the opportunity to remix existing effects. Moxie is different, as it really does let you make photo effects using just colors, textures, and photo merging. These effects can be easily applied to your photos, and you can also choose to post them to the Moxie social network, from where other users get to benefit from your work, and might even decide to improve it. In addition, users can see the usage stats for the effects they publish to keep an eye on their popularity.

Moxie iOS Discover Moxie iOS Filter

If you want to use all the features offered by Moxie, it is necessary to sign in to the app, as otherwise you can’t save the created effects for later use. The sign in options include Twitter and Facebook, as the app doesn’t have a registration system of its own.

The first section of the app that shows up is ‘discover’, which can help users understand the full potential of Moxie. On this screen, filters created by other users are showcased, applied on photos on which they were created. It is possible to sort the feed by popularity and freshness, or you can go for the ‘Featured’ options and view filters chosen by the Moxie staff. Each effect posted on the the discover page has a title, the name of the creator, and stats regarding the number of times it has been used. To view the original image, hit the toggle located in the bottom-right corner of the photo.

Moxie iOS Items Moxie iOS Textures Moxie iOS

In order to create a photo effect of your own, hit the ‘+’ icon from the bottom bar. You have to select an image on which your filter is to be built. This example photo can be imported from the camera roll, or snapped from within the app. Moxie works by letting users add different layers to the editing screen. These layers can consist of textures, plain colors, vignettes, and other photos. All these layers can be manually repositioned, and there is even a slider to adjust their opacity level. Hitting the eye icon can hide the present layer, while the button next to it lets you delete it altogether.

When a filter is complete, hit the checkmark and share it over the Moxie network. It is also possible to save the photo to the camera roll – an option that is available even for non-registered users.

Moxie is a free app optimized for iPhone / iPod touch. Give it a go if you are looking for a neat way of getting an almost infinite number of photo effects on your device.

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  1. just downloaded moxie this weekend and I think it’s great! I love going into other people’s artwork and seeing how many layers they added to their photo, what blending mode they used, what opacity they used, etc. This app lets me be creative but also let’s me not have to start from scratch by reusing other people’s filters

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