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Jam For iPhone Lets You Create Original Songs In Seconds, Makes You Sound Like A Star

When apps like Songify and AutoRap were first released, the novelty factor played a big part in their success. Now however, the concept of converting speech into songs is not very new, and an app in this genre needs to have something really special to garner a following of its own. Jam for iPhone seems to have this extra bit of flair. The app offers a lot of styles, rather than concentrating on just hip-hop or pop. You get to decide the category of your song, and Jam processes the singing accordingly. You can even adjust the level of auto-tune you want to add to your singing, while the ‘beats per minute’ factor can be customized as well. Like most apps of this type, Jam has a comprehensive sharing network where all the publicly recorded songs are available for everyone’s listening pleasure.

Jam iOS Billboard Jam iOS Song Jam iOS Share

I you want to share songs from other people or create your own recordings, you’ll need to connect your Facebook account with the app. Jam lets you hide your real name and Facebook display photo by letting you swap them with app-specific credentials. Before you start recording yourself, it is better to look around and get a feel of things. The ‘Charts’ section lists all the songs that have received most likes and have been favorited by the highest number of people (a concept labeled as ‘royalties’ in the app). Jam also features different users who have done a lot of recordings or have created well-liked songs. All the songs available in the main chart can be streamed by every Jam user. If you really like a recording, you can add it to your favorites, or share it with people on your social network.

Jam iOS Profile Jam iOS Songs

You don’t have to rely solely on the Jam charts to discover good recordings; just head to the ‘Home’ tab and search for a song or artist you like, and all the attempts at singing the searched track will be listed. It is also possible to simply browse through the Jam collection via sections for music genres and artists. The Home section also shows your activities on the network, along with those of your friends who are on Jam.

Jam iOS Record Jam iOS Processing Jam iOS Publish

Creating a song of your own in Jam is really easy. Once you are in the ‘Record’ section, choose the style in which you want the app to process your song. Only Pop/Rock is available for free, while in-app purchases can unlock all the other styles. Before you get down to business, select the auto-tune level and speed of the beat you want to sing to. Choosing a lower auto tune level means Jam makes less changes to your singing. Now that everything is set, hit the record button and start singing. When you’re done, hit the stop icon and wait for Jam to process everything, which might take a while, depending upon the duration of the recording. After the processing, Jam plays the song for you. If you really like what the app has done to your voice, you can save the recording, or share it with your friends over Facebook and the Jam network. Jam also offers an achievement badges system to keep users coming back for more.

A lot of people won’t feel the need of making the in-app purchases for additional styles, since the default one does a pretty decent job. The app is available as a free download, and is optimized for all iDevices except the iPad.

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