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Create To-Do Items From An Email And Add Them To Your Calendar [iOS]

Reminder apps and To-do lists are an area where innovation is difficult. Just about every imaginable way of remembering to do things, or trying to be productive with lists and alarms has been developed. You can always improve on an existing concept but it is hard to think of something truly original. Google tried its hand at making email more manageable with its recent Inbox app. Something developed along those same lines is Handle, a free reminder app for iOS that can connect with your email account and create reminders from any email. In addition to email, the app can also connect with the Calendar app on your iOS device and let you create events from the email or add ones that aren’t tied down to one.

Launch the app and complete the first few items on the to-do list that teach you how to add a reminder from an email, or just head over to the settings and connect an email account. To connect the Calendar app, open the navigation drawer and select either the Calendar tab or go to settings and connect it from there.

handle_nav handle_account

Handle is divided into three tabs; To-Dos, Email, and Calendar. You can switch between them from the navigation drawer or you can cycle through them from the page navigation at the bottom of the screen. So the question is what sets Handle apart from everyone else? For me it’s how you can create reminders for emails, something that comes close to Gmail’s Inbox. Also, you can add emails to calendars as events and this is what I personally find useful. Being able to add emails to the calendar is a great way to plan your day and be able to get a quick overview of what a particular task is about. For example, if you have a meeting to attend, you can add an event from a relevant email and quickly get a summary of what is to be discussed.

handle_email_reminder handle_calendar

Unfortunately, this is also where the app’s one flaw lies; while it can link to an email in the Calendar tab of the app, tapping it will not open the email. Instead, you’re redirected to your browser where you have to sign in to read the email. This kills the feature to a great extent and since it has access to my email, I expect it to be able to read an email I’ve linked to. Handle will let you add to-do items that are independent of your emails from the To-Do tab. A reminder can be set for the to-do items and you can customize the time for the reminders from the app’s settings.

handle_settings handle_to-do

Handle needs some work. It does have a somewhat unique offering. While it isn’t in the same boat as Gmail’s Inbox, I’d say they’re still baiting the same fish.

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