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Create Your Own Real-Time Video Effects With Videosis For iPhone

Photo and video editing apps usually have a lot of filters, but at times you might feel like none of them fits your needs perfectly. There are many apps that let users create their own effects, but that can be a bit too time-consuming and even intimidating for relatively inexperienced users. Videosis is a new iOS app that has a nice collection of predefined video filters and effects, and in addition, lets you easily create your own by simply combining available effects and changing their values. Videosis offers real-time filters, some of which even react to the sound around you.

Videosis iOS Settings Videosis-Multiple-views-effect Blue-isolator

Videosis offers a tutorial when it is launched for the first time but even if it is skipped, you can always rerun it from the app’s settings area. The same menu has options for toggling the shutter sound and controlling the ‘capture photo on-the-fly’ feature.

Before you begin shooting, choose the filter you want to apply to the camera. Hit the ‘FX’ button and up comes the list of all the predefined effects. Videosis has more than 40 filters, and you can apply any of them to the video with a single tap. If you want even more effects, hit the ‘+’ button available at the start of the list. New filters can be created by toggling on different effects or altering their values using the provided sliders. Some of the editing options even let you control the camera flash, and this becomes part of the filter. Once you are satisfied with your creation, start shooting or save the effect for future use by giving it a name. User-created filters appear at the very beginning of the effects list.

Create-effect-options Creating-new-effect New-effect

Videosis supports both front and allows you to rear cams, and the camera LED can be toggled with a single tap too. In order to capture an image while shooting, hit the small camera icon located in the bottom-right corner.

According to a warning from the Videosis developer, the app requires a lot of processing power and might not work smoothly on devices older than iPhone 4S (although we have to say that it was only slightly laggy on our iPhone 4). The app is available as a free and universal download. You can grab Videosis from the iTunes App Store using the link given below.

Download Videosis For iOS

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