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Crop iPhone Photos Using Different Shapes & Patterns With SymbolGram

Earlier this month, we covered PIP Camera that allows iOS users to put your images in photos of different objects like screens, bottles, frames of different shapes and sizes etc. The newly released SymbolGram is based upon a similar concept, but this app is much simpler and doesn’t ask you to do much before you can see the final result. Sure, there aren’t as many effects available in SymbolGram as there are in PIP Camera, but you get a full-featured photo editor to go with the ready-made shapes. The shapes offered by the app include stylized text, hearts, balloons, and geometric patterns, among others. The available sharing options include Instagram and Twitter, and you can also save a picture to the camera roll and send it to anyone from there.

SymbolGram iOS Frames SymbolGram iOS Edit SymbolGram iOS Share

The welcome page of SymbolGram offers options for loading a photo from the camera roll or shooting a new one right from the app itself. It would have been great if the app’s camera offered real-time frames, but it does not have any special features and serves no purpose other than capturing images. Once an image is loaded, you can apply any of the available cropping frames to it. All the frames are black and white, but vary in styles to a large extent. There are text-based frames, abstract and geometric patterns, and a few generic shapes like balloons, hearts, thumbs-up symbols and the like. If you want to edit the imported image before you decide on a frame, tap the second button in the top bar. This brings up an Aviary-powered photo editor that is capable of enhancing the picture’s looks quite thoroughly. There are options for red-eye removal, changing orientation of images, making several adjustments, and applying photo effects.

SymbolGram doesn’t actually crop the images; instead, it just overlays the frames over them to hide parts of the underlying image. You can adjust the position of the image by simply dragging it around within the frame. Once you are satisfied with the way things look, tap the small share icon in the top bar. This menu houses options for saving the images to your camera roll, and sharing it over social media. To start a new session, just hit the camera icon in the top-left corner.

SymbolGram is a free app optimized for iPhone/iPod touch. There are some really awesome crop frames available in the collection, but things would have been better if the developer thought of letting users add new frames from their photo library, or adding some colorful options to the available ones.

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