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Crop Photos Into 180+ Shapes & Symbols On Your iPhone With ShapeThat

Cutting photos into interesting shapes is not really a new concept, and there are already a few iOS apps that let you do that with ease. In the past, we have seen SymbolGram and ClipCrop, but none of those apps were as comprehensive as ShapeThat. This app offer so many symbols, shapes and masks that can be applied to photos that you aren’t likely to ever run out of ideas for giving your pictures an interesting touch. Unlike some other apps of this genre, ShapeThat doesn’t stick to just one type of masks, and has a wide variety of symbols that you can choose from. Apart from all these choices, the app’s interface is really neat too, with a ton of sharing options that make ShapeThat a perfect tool for showing the world your cool photos.

ShapeThat iOS Home ShapeThat iOS Cut ShapeThat iOS Share

Using ShapeThat is really easy; the welcome page has three options, which all point to the sources from where photos can be imported to the app for editing. You can load images from your iPhone’s photo library, snap one using the camera right from within the app, or connect your Facebook account with ShapeThat and access photos directly from there.

Once a photo has been loaded to the ShapeThat editor, you can choose any shape to crop it. To switch between different frame types, press the button located in the middle of the bottom bar. The available genres include ‘Shapes’, ‘Symbols’, ‘Words’ and ‘Letters’. You can change the size of any chosen mask by hitting the button located in the bottom-left corner. Although the default white color of the mask goes well with most photos, you can choose to change it as well. ShapeThat offers a full color palette, in which you can add the most frequently used colors to your favorites as well. To make sure everything looks perfect in your edited photo, drag the original image inside the frame to adjust its position.

ShapeThat has a great-looking sharing menu, with options for posting photos to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can also email the image to anyone, or save it to your camera roll.

The app is great for anyone who wants to spice up some old photos, which might look awesome enclosed in a Batman mask or within a complex fractal. ShapeThat was released last month as a $0.99 download, but it has just gone free for the first time. The offer might not last for too long though, so hurry up and grab the app right now.

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