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Customize iOS Lock Screen Slider & Disable “Slide To Reply / View”

Although there have been some really comprehensive Cydia tweaks (like SliderWidth and SlideToMod) for letting users change the basic properties of the iOS lock screen, there are a few features that are just so deeply ingrained into iPhone’s operating system that no one has ever given much thought to customizing them. You can easily change the interface of your device’s lock screen if you are a Winterboard user. Other elements can be customized using some tweaks available in the jailbreak store. There is one thing, however, that has annoyed a lot of users, with no way of bypassing it, until yesterday. Whenever you get a new notification on the iPhone lock screen, using the unlock slider immediately opens the app to which the notification belongs. Some of you might like this feature, but a lot of users aren’t too fond of this feature, and instead make the device sleep and then wake it up again in order to bypass it. Though that in itself is an inconvenience. SliderCustomizer is a new tweak that not only addresses this issue, but also offers some pretty decent customization options for the iOS lock screen.

SliderCustomizer Settings SliderCustomizer Label SliderCustomizer iOS

If you are a biteSMS user, be warned that SliderCustomizer is not compatible with it and uninstalls the app automatically (at least it did for us). Apart from this little inconvenience though, the tweak works pretty well and configuring it is a piece of cake.

The SliderCustomizer menu is added to the stock Settings app once the tweak has been installed to your device. It is possible to change and apply any setting to your lock screen without having to respring. For those of you who want to disable the “slide to reply” and “slide to view” options, keeping the second toggle off in the tweak’s list does the trick.

In terms of visual changes, users are allowed to hide the camera grabber, tinker with the slider label and adjust the sliding bar’s dimensions. Controls for changing the slider’s size and height are available in the ‘Adjust’ section of the tweak. The only change that SliderCustomizer does not apply to the lock screen automatically is the the unlock slider’s label. There is a dedicated button for making this change, but even that doesn’t respring the device.

SliderCustomizer is a free tweak, and its developer has released another tweak by the name of SliderKiller, which is perfect for users who don’t want all the customization options and are just interested in disabling the ‘Slide To’ feature. Both tweaks are available for free, and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.


  1. Whenever I have a message or a notification and whant to unlock to do something else, I just tap a couple of times on power and/or home and my phone disables “unlock” instead of the notification action. no need to tweak 😉

    • That’s what was mentioned in the intro of the post too – this tweak is meant for those who don’t want that annoyance to be there in the first place.

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