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Customize iPhone Lock Screen & Add Live Widgets To It With LockHTML2

Widgets are certainly gaining popularity among iOS users. The Cydia store has a nice collection of interesting widgets for the Notification Center and SpringBoard. If you are a fan of making the lock screen more useful, there are tweaks like Dashboard X and LockHTML. Both of these tweaks have their shortcomings though; Dashboard X is a bit too complicated if you just want a simple widget on your iPhone’s lock screen, while LockHTML makes users do a lot of work in order to get the widgets configured properly. Fortunatel, the developer behind LockHTML has revamped the tweak, adding support for iOS 6 in the process. With LockHTML2, the wallpaper can be kept active in the widget’s background without having to go through a lot of hassle. The list of its customization options has lengthened considerably as well, making the tweak a lock screen customizer as well as a platform for widgets.

LockHTML2 iOS Settings LockHTML2 iOS Slider LockHTML2 iOS

LockHTML2 comes with a widget of its own to give users a taste of the things the tweak is capable of. If you are happy with the way your lock screen appears and are only interested in the widgets, just enable the tweak from its Settings menu and respring your device. The default widget shows the weather conditions of Rotterdam. If you want it to switch to your location, use iFile to place your city’s ZIP code at the following path.


For other widgets, keep an eye on the Cydia store, as developers are sure to come up with a few good ones within a few days.

In terms of customization, the LockHTML2 menu is divided into three parts. You can tinker with the placement and appearance of widgets, change the look of the unlock slider, or alter the way the battery indicator shows up on the lock screen.

HTML Settings

It is possible to hide the widget while your device is getting charged, or hide the lock screen clock if it is getting in the way of a widget. Other options include setting lock screen background to always remain enabled, even while charging.

LS Slider Settings

LockHTML2 supports various themes; one comes with it by default and this theme can help you customize the unlock slider and knob by simply toggling the ‘Custom Knob’ and ‘Custom Well’ options. Other options let you hide the camera grabber, widget label and other items on the lock screen.

Battery Height

LokcHTML2 users can hide the battery icon that shows up during charging, make it visible at all times or place it at a custom position.

LockHTML2 costs $0.99 for new users but if you own its older version, you can upgrade it for free. The tweak is available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store, and doesn’t come with any particular firmware requirements. It worked fine on iOS 6 in our testing.


  1. A entire process: JB, Activate Cydia, Update Cydia, Make the iphone catch the carrier signal ”hard enought” then intall dependencies, repositories, and alot of tweaks… for a widget…

    on Android go GP store download a widget used it… Life is simple…. dont give a Duck about iExpensive products…

    • iOS isn’t made for widgets on lockscreen. It’s only a tweak for jailbroken devices. Better than spam widgets on Android with crap design and limited functionality.

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