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Customize Notifications For Individual Contacts & Apps On Your iPhone

Everybody loves free stuff but if an app is really good, most people don’t mind spending a few bucks on it. Before you give a developer your money though, it is always nice to get a taste of things to get a good idea of what you’re paying for. This is why a lot of tweaks and apps come with trials or free lite versions. RingerX VIP is a Cydia tweak that thoroughly deserves its $2.99 price tag, but even if you aren’t willing to pay that amount straight away, its free version has finally arrived in the form of RingerX Lite. The new arrival has some pretty significant limitations and a few features are missing altogether, but overall, the tweak gives a pretty good account of itself. Apart from setting custom notifications for contacts or apps, you can also do several other things like disabling all notifications while on a call and setting different preferences for blocked or anonymous contacts.

RingerX Lite Settings RingerX Lite In-call RingerX Lite Contacts

RingerX Lite displays a notification requesting you to upgrade to its pro version as soon as you launch its menu from the Settings app. The tweak is enabled by default, but everything else has to be configured manually.

To customize notification settings for apps, RingerX Lite offers two options: ‘Configure’ and Default’. If you want special treatment for notifications from certain apps, hit the Configure option under ‘Notifications of Applications’. The tweak does not list all apps automatically, and you have to manually add apps to the list by hitting the ‘+’ button. For each added app, you can choose to silence the notifications permanently, or apply custom alerts. Thanks to the available options, you can set notifications for selected apps to bypass silent mode. It is also possible to select different tones and vibration patterns for each app. A big limitation of this feature is that you can have a maximum of three apps in your RingerX Lite list at any time.

By toggling on the ‘No in-call Sounds’ option, you can disable all banners, alerts and their accompanying sounds while taking a call. This is a pretty useful feature, since incoming sounds during calls can be really distracting at times.

RingerX Lite also offers some pretty decent options when it comes to customizing alerts for contacts. The tweak adds a new section of its own at the bottom of each entry in the stock Contacts app. You can essentially block anyone by silencing notifications from them. It is also possible to define custom volume and vibrate settings for messages, calls or emails. The same settings can be applied to blocked and anonymous contacts in bulk by heading to the tweak’s Settings menu. The pro version has a similar section for unsaved numbers, but it doesn’t work in RingerX Lite. Just like the limitation for apps, you can have custom settings for a maximum of three contacts at any time in the Lite version.

Apart from the aforementioned limitations, the tweak’s lite version gives you the complete experience of the pro version before you decide to buy it, or you can simply continue using it if you want to customize notifications for up to three apps and contacts only. Give it a go by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and if you really like it, upgrade to RingerX VIP for $2.99.

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