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How To Delete Cydia Apps Directly From The Home Screen On iOS 7

One of my pet peeves related to iOS has always been the lack of a delete button for apps installed via Cydia. Despite the fact that it does make some sense to distinguish these apps from the App Store ones, most people don’t like the extra steps involved in getting rid of any jailbreak app that has fallen out of favor. The Cydia store is famous for coming up with solutions to little problems that nag iOS users, and providing tweaks that can allow them to get rid of seemingly permanent fixtures of their iOS devices. In the past, we have seen iMageSynced Remover that lets you delete any picture from the stock Photos app, even if it has been synced with iTunes. So, it is no surprise that someone has come up with CyDelete7. The tweak isn’t exactly new, as its predecessor CyDelete has been around for quite some time, but this newer version is aimed specifically at iOS 7. With CyDelete7, users get to easily uninstall Cydia apps like biteSMS, Activator or WinterBoard directly from their Home screen. This saves you the hassle of having to launch the Cydia store, wait for it to finish updating its resources, and then delete the undesired package.

CyDelete7 iOS Jiggle CyDelete7 iOS Activator

CyDelete7 works quite silently, and is the kind of Cydia tweak that can reside in your iPhone for a long period of time without being intrusive. The tweak does not have a menu of its own in the stock Settings app, nor does it add a Springboard entry. To see CyDelete7 in action, you will have to install any Cydia app that has a presence on the iOS Home screen. Once you have done that, enter jiggle mode by long-pressing any icon. You are sure to notice that the only apps that still don’t have a cross in the top-left corner of their icons are the pre-installed system apps, and all Cydia apps appear just like App Store offerings in jiggle mode. The best part is that if you delete any Cydia apps in jiggle mode using CyDelete7, the uninstall is quite thorough. The tweak doesn’t remove just the entry of the Cydia app from your Home screen; it actually uninstalls it from the jailbreak store. To ensure that there are no accidental deletes, CyDelete7 displays a confirmation popup before the app is uninstalled.

CyDelete7 is a free tweak, and works only with devices running iOS 7 (including the iPhone 5s). Give it a go by heading to the Cydia store and performing a simple search, as the tweak is available in the default BigBoss repo.

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