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Data Master For iPhone Calculates & Projects Your Cellular/WiFi Data Usage

If you rely on a limited cellular data connection on your iPhone, chances are that you often have to worry about refraining from overusing internet on your iOS device, and things tend to get tricky if you don’t keep track of your exact data usage. However, managing data usage on iDevices is never a simple task. Not unless you have got Data Master, anyway. This amazing app records all the stats related to both cellular and Wi-Fi data on your iDevice. Users can define the price and data limit of their package, and the app will project everything automatically, telling you about the amount of data you should use each day in order to avoid getting a huge bill at the end of the month. Data Master comes with a pretty awesome calculator as well, letting you determine the Megabytes that will be eaten up if you stream videos, or share pictures over Facebook or do any other task online for a particular amount of time.

Data Master Cellular Data Master WiFi Data Master Settings

Data Master guides its users through each step of configuration via notifications. You have to set up Cellular and Wi-Fi usage separately, and each step requires defining the day of the month (or week) when the billing starts, along with any limit on usage. If you have already consumed some of your quota for the month, you can add that preset in the configuration steps as well. By default, the data unit supported by the app is Megabyte, but you can change that from the Settings menu in Data Master. The same menu can also be used to rectify any mistakes you might have made while configuring the Cellular and Wi-Fi data stats. Once you have done everything, the app will bring you to the main monitoring screen. Users can easily switch between cellular and Wi-Fi stats using the buttons provided on the main screen. Both stats are divided into the following fields.

  • Remaining: Shows the remaining days of your package, along with used-up quota.
  • Usage: Separately shows upload and download stats, alongside the total number of Megabytes used to date.
  • Counters: There are two predefined counters in Data Master, showing data usage since last run (of the app) and since last reboot. However, you can define as many custom counters as you want, simply by hitting the little blue ‘+’ button in the top right corner of the menu. Each personalized counter consists of a specific time period along with the desired projected data use.

Data Master Usage Details Data Master Calculator

In the Data Master Usage Calculator, you can project per day and per month data usage. There are a lot of tasks that are already defined in the calculator (like video streaming, social media pics, emails etc), and users have to choose the duration or quantity of each task to get a fair idea of their data usage in the future. You can email data usage reports to yourself or anyone, so that your stats are never lost.

Data Master is a must-have for all users who are on limited data plans, and you can grab the app for free by heading to the following link.

Download Data Master

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