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days For iPhone & iPad Reminds You Of & Counts Down To The Days Left To Any Event

days is a reminders app for iOS, but there are a lot of those already out there, aren’t there? So, what makes it special when there are thousands of other to-do apps in the App Store, and since iDevices even have a stock Reminders app that is pretty good. days is different from all these owing to the fact that it doesn’t remind you of your tasks just at the eleventh hour, it builds up to each event, counting down the number of days to go. It is also a useful app if you want to quickly calculate the exact age of any event or person, and the app certainly has the potential of becoming your default to-do list.

days List days Filters

To get started, you will just have to create new events within the days app using the ‘+’ button in the top right corner of the main Annual page. This is the same page that will display all the recorded events, along with their start and end dates. For all the past events, it is possible to apply a wide range of filters before browsing through them. You can also sort the list on the basis of event names or the time of their occurrence.

days Annual days Event

The events created within the Annual menu can include a title, description, date and category. There are no existing categories in days, and you have to define your own. This is a good thing, as the app learns with time and will suggest categories automatically in the future. Users can also choose the time at which they want the day app to remind them of the approaching event. Once an event has been created, days automatically calculates its exact age, along with the days that are left till it occurs again (if it is a recurring event).

days More days Calculator

If you want to find out the exact time that has elapsed since an event, but don’t want to add a new entry in the app for it, the More section features a Date Calculator for this situation. Just enter From and To dates, and you are provided with the accurate age. If the nature of the events you have stored in the day app is personal, you can protect the app with an app-specific password. One of the best features in days is its Email Backup/ Share option. With this app, your to-do list is not stuck in the app forever, and can be synced with any email service pretty easily.

days has been around for quite a long time, but this universal app went free for a limited time recently. So, if you are looking for a new way of managing important dates in your life, do give days a try.

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