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Design, Buy & Sell Your Own T-Shirts On iPhone With Snaptee

iOS has a lot of photo editors, but very few apps let you literally bring your art to life. CaseApp is one example of an app that’s capable of turning your photos into real-life objects (namely, iPhone cases). While CaseApp is great, not every iPhone owner is likely to want a cover for their device. T-shirts, on the other hand, are something that a majority of people use with varying degrees of frequency. Snaptee is an iPhone app that lets you design your very own T-shirt, using photos from Instagram or your device’s camera roll. You can then get these shirts delivered to you anywhere in the world for $19.99. The app can also be used to sell your T-shirt designs to other users of the service, or just to show off your talent and wit, thanks to the great sharing options offered by the Snaptee.

Snaptee iOS Choose Snaptee iOS Design

Snaptee shows step-by-step instructions for almost all parts of the app, but using it isn’t too complicated in the first place. You have to register for a new account using your email address or a social network. Choosing a username and password is mandatory as well.

To get started with your first personalized design, hit the big ‘+’ icon in the middle of the bottom bar. This brings up a list of options that can be used to define the design’s basic structure. If you want nothing more than text on your shirt, choose the first option. Photos can be imported from the camera roll and Instagram, or shot right from within Snaptee. People who want a text-based design can change the writing’s color, position and style.

For photos, the first step is to choose the basic layout of the shirt. There are plenty of available templates, and you can pick any of them by swiping across the screen horizontally. Some styles only allow photos to be added to the design, while others throw in some text as well.

Snaptee iOS Effects Snaptee iOS Adjustment Snaptee iOS Share

The Snaptee photo editor allows users to change the orientation and position of the image on the shirt by a simple dragging gesture. There are some predefined image filters available in the editor, and you can also adjust photo properties like brightness, saturation and contrast. Once done, hit the checkmark from the bottom bar to save the design. If you want to allow other people to create different versions of your design, turn on the ‘Allow Remix’ option. Another available option is ‘Publish and Sell’, which can be used if you think your designs are good and unique enough to earn you some money. To make sure you get to discover designs from other Snaptee users, the app has an elaborate follow system of its own.

Snaptee iOS Profile Snaptee iOS Page Snaptee iOS Order

You don’t have to purchase every shirt you design, as all of the saved and liked products go to the closet section of Snaptee. From there, it is possible to order a shirt for $19.99, which includes free worldwide shipping.

So, if you have an awesome idea for a T-shirt that’s worth the cash Snaptee asks for, do give the app a try. Snaptee itself is a free app, and doesn’t cost its users anything for the designing phase.

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