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Disable Alerts For iMessages From Anyone Not In Your Contacts

Have you upgraded to iOS 8.3 yet? If not, there is one great reason to do it and I do not mean the new emojis. The update adds a seriously great feature to the Messages app that specifically targets iMessages from unknown numbers or email addresses. When enabled, it not only stops notifications for any incoming iMessages from people who are not in your contacts but it also sorts them into a separate tab in the Messages app. Here’s how to enable it.

Open the Settings app and tap Messages. You will see a new option that you can enable called , ‘Filter Unknown Senders’. Enable it and all iMessages sent from a number or an email ID that is not in your contacts will be sorted to an ‘Unknown Senders’ tab in the Messages app. More importantly, it will also stop all notifications for these messages. This will not work on text messages sent and received over a carrier’s network.

ios8.3 uknown messages ios8.3 messages unknown

In iOS 7, Apple introduced a block feature that works for both SMS and iMessages. It was meant for users who were tired of being sent iMessages from unknown numbers. This new feature seems to be yet another way to block these annoying messages from even getting your attention in the form of an alert.

It’s a pity it doesn’t work for text messages. Perhaps the jailbreak community can figure out a way to stop notifications for text messages sent by unknown numbers and even sort them into the ‘Unknown Senders’ tab. In fact, they could probably add a separate tab for text messages altogether.

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