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Prevent iMessage Recipients From Seeing An Indicator When You Type

Out of all the messaging apps available for iOS, iMessage holds a special place due to its seamless integration with the stock Messages app. After all, everyone likes free texting, and iMessage make you feel exactly like you are texting the other person. There are a few things about iMessage that make it far superior to ordinary SMS. It notifies you whenever your messages has been read, and even has an indicator to alert youu whenever the other party is composing a message. To make things perfect, iMessage offers some great customization options. You can protect your privacy by not letting other know when you have read their messages, as there is a dedicated option available for this purpose in the Settings app. One thing you can’t do by default, however, is to hide the small indicator that tells your correspondents whenever you are typing a new message. As usual, Cydia has come to the rescue. The newly released TypingPrivacy tweak provides you with this handy option to grant you complete control over iMessage.

TypingPrivacy iOS Indicator TypingPrivacy iOS Cydia

If you are a little confused regarding the exact purpose of TypingPrivacy, take a look at the first screenshot from the two shown above. The three-dot icon in the last line of the conversation won’t appear on the recipient’s screen after the tweak has been installed. Fortunately, rather than taking matters into its own hands, TypingPrivacy leaves the choice of toggling the indicator off to users. Just like you can disable the read receipt from the Messages section of Settings, the tweak adds a new option to this menu by the name of ‘Send typing notifications’, just above the ‘Send as SMS’ toggle. Changing the state of this new toggle does not require a respring, so you can conveniently turn it on or off any time you want.

Of course, you will continue seeing this indicator from other users unless they are using TypingPrivacy as well. The tweak does not make any changes to your iMessage profile, and it will be business as usual if you set up your iCloud account on a new iDevice at a later time. So, it is a win-win situation, and for $0.99, the asking price is just right as well. TypingPrivacy is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and works on all devices running iOS 5 or iOS 6. Give it a try if you are really privacy-conscious, or just want to take your time while typing lengthy messages and don’t want the other party waiting in anticipation due to those three dots.

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