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Discover New Music On iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch With eMusic Infinite Explorations

eMusic might not be the only iTunes alternative out there if you want to purchase songs for your iOS devices, but the music discovery features offered by this service certainly have no match. The just-released eMusic Infinite Exploration app doesn’t have much to do with eMusic’s song purchase service, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. Infinite Exploration is all about discovering new songs by searching for different keywords and just browsing through the staff recommendations. The app even lets you stream previews of each track, and if you have an eMusic account, it is possible to add your discoveries to an existing music collection. As the name suggests, the suggestions served up by Infinite Exploration are presented in an endless stream of thumbnails. The relevance to your searched keyword will keep diminishing as you go down the list, but the overall interface really makes the app a fun way of discovering obscure but interesting music.

eMusic Infinite Explorations iOS eMusic Infinite Explorations iOS Search eMusic Infinite Explorations iOS Player

If you really want to get the most out of eMusic Infinite Exploration, sign in to your eMusic account by hitting the small bookmark icon in the right-hand bar. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create a new eMusic account from within the app, and you will have to sign up from the service’s website if you aren’t an existing subscriber. Account or no account, Infinite Exploration will then come up with a grid of suggestions consisting of all the popular music on the service. You can scroll through the endless grid, though currently there is no way to view the name of a song in this view, and you’ll have to tap on its tile for details. That isn’t much of an issue however, since that brings up a popup window that doesn’t disturb your position in the grid.

If you are signed in, you can hit the bookmark icon to add the whole grid view to your collection, while individual tracks can be bookmarked by playing them and hitting the button labelled ‘Save Album’. Each song also has a ‘Buy on iTunes’ button in its options bar that you can use to quickly purchase a song that you like. You can also navigate through the grid using the forward and rewind controls.

The search feature in Infinite Exploration is pretty impressive, with the search bar even supporting automatic suggestions. The search results are displayed in form of a similar infinite grid identical to the default one that shows up when the app is initially launched.

Even if you are not a user of the eMusic service, Infinite Exploration might prove to be pretty handy due to its polished interface and funky way of discovering music. The app is universal for all iOS devices, and can be downloaded for free from the following link.

Download eMusic Infinite Exploration For iOS

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