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Discover New YouTube Music Videos By Taste With Kixar For iPhone

Rokker, Music Monster and plenty of other services have effectively demonstrated that YouTube-powered music services can gain popularity among users, since a lot of people go to YouTube to listen to their favorite songs anyway. Kixar is a bit different from other YouTube clients that focus on music streaming; this iPhone app is all about letting you discover music based on your preferences. You can use Kixar to browse through YouTube’s music collection based on what’s popular among users these days too, but the app shows its true colors when you start rating songs. Kixar generates song suggestions for you using these ratings, making the app a great music discovery tool. To top it all off, the app is pretty decent on the UI and playback fronts as well.

Kixar iOS Menu Kixar iOS Feed Kixar iOS Song

Kixar doesn’t ask its users to sign in to their YouTube account in order to use the app. There is no app-specific account either, which means that Kixar is ready to be used as soon as you launch it for the first time. Tap the top bar on the main page to switch between section. The available section include ‘Popular’, ‘Recent’ and ‘Liked’. The app also has a search button that can be used to look for a particular track or artist. If you have chosen a song for playback, it is possible to form a playlist of sorts by tapping the ‘Add to queue’ button on any song’s thumbnail. In whichever section a song is discovered, there is a rating written against it in the bottom-right corner; this rating is the average of all the feedback the track has garnered to that point.

Kixar has a 100-point rating system, which works with a cool-looking radial dial; just move your finger clockwise to leave your rating for the song you are listening to. The name and link of the current track can be shared via email, SMS or Twitter by hitting the arrow icon located in the bottom-left corner.

Kixar plays song videos, but you can keep listening to the song even when your iPhone is in lock screen or the app is in the background. Kixar can also be controlled from the lock screen, thanks to the playback options it adds there (just the way the stock Music app does).

Kixar supports AirPlay, like all decent music players on iOS. For now, the app only taps into YouTube to come up with music, but the developer has promised support for other services in the near future as well. Give the free Kixar app a go by heading to the link below; it is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch.

Download Kixar For iOS

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