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Documents by Readdle Gets iPhone Support & Web To PDF Converter

Readdle offers some impressive apps in the App Store, but Documents by Readdle is their most popular release to date. There are plenty of other file managers available for iOS as well, but Documents comes closest to perfection. Until now, the app has been limited to iPad only, since people tend to prefer their tablets for reading and editing documents. Thanks to shifting trends and perhaps even due to iPhone 5’s larger display, Readdle has decided that the time is ripe for an iPhone version of their famous Documents app. Documents by Readdle for iPhone isn’t much different from its iPad version, offering support for a multitude of file formats and document sources. The update has brought more to the app than just making it iPhone-compatible though. There is now a web browser within Documents that can be used to save webpages as PDF files. The app’s support list for sources has been also been extended to include iCloud.

Documents by Readdle iOS Home Documents by Readdle iOS Music Documents by Readdle iOS Sharng

If you thought the previously covered Files App can import documents from a lot of sources, wait till you see the accounts that can be connected with Documents by Readdle. Hit the Wi-Fi icon in the bottom bar to import files from Dropbox, Google Drive, SugarSync, Box, Sharepoint, SkyDrive and more. Like the iPad version of Documents, you can perform Wi-Fi file transfers on your iPhone as well. The new Sync feature can be used if you want to make your files accessible across multiple iDevices via iCloud.

From the Documents home page, it is possible to view text files, images, videos and PDFs. You can also play MP3s from the same section of the app. Most of the file types supported by Documents by Readdle come with various sharing options. You can send your files to others through email, share some of them over social media, or even use the ‘Print’ button if you have a supported printer.

Documents by Readdle iOS Document Documents by Readdle iOS Browser

The new browser added to Documents can be accessed by going to the last tab located in the bottom bar. The app is capable of keeping its bookmarks separate from Safari. The main purpose of this feature though, is to let you save webpages as PDF files. This can be done by hitting the arrow icon in the top-right. Offline pages saved in this manner can be accessed via the download manager that comes up when you hit the last button in the bottom bar.

Documents by Readdle is a very useful app and it’s remarkable that it won’t cost you anything. The universal version of the app can be found at the link given below.

Download Documents by Readdle For iOS

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