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Download Media From Mail & Safari To Stock iPhone Music & Video Apps With Bridge

The lack of Bluetooth file transfer in iOS has forced developers to be really creative when it comes to media sharing on iPhone. There are many apps that let you share files wirelessly between iDevices, but what if someone sends you a video or audio file via email? Sure, you can play them from within the Mail app, but there is no way of transferring media files to the stock Music or Video app. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, however, you can use Bridge to import any media file to the Music app, and that too without the need of connecting your device with iTunes or a computer. The Cydia app allows its users to import media from emails, or any other app that has the Open in option (including Safari). The app also lets you enter any song’s download link, and it will be imported to the appropriate app automatically.

Bridge iOS Instructions Bridge iOS Song Bridge iOS URL

Bridge is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and once downloaded, will appear on the Springboard of your iPhone as a standalone app. Using the app might prove to be a little tricky for novice users, which is why the app comes with a detailed set of instructions on its main page. Basically, Bridge offers two ways to import files. You can use the Open In option from Mail or any other app, or you can put the download link of a media file in the URL bar provided in the Download section in Bridge. If the file you intend to download is compatible with, say, the Music app, the app will download it, but won’t send it to the Music app automatically. Users get the option to preview and edit the file before exporting it. You can choose the media type of the file (song, ringtone and podcast available for audio files) and also change its title or other related info. If there is no album art attached to the file, you can choose any image from your phone’s photo library. When you are satisfied with the changes, hit the Import button and the track will appear in the Music app right away.

Everything about Bridge works perfectly, except for iTunes syncing. Videos and songs transferred to stock media apps via Bridge won’t get backed up to your PC when you sync your device with iTunes. The syncing works fine with podcasts, though. If you can live with this little drawback, the $1.99 you are going to pay for the app are completely worth it, as there is (currently) no other equally efficient way to wirelessly get media files to the appropriate stock iOS apps.

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