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Winterboard’s Big iOS 7 Update Makes It Play Nice With iPhone 5s & Other A7 Devices

iOS 7 was the platform’s first update that generated a lot of interest (and outrage) just because of its UI. The abolishment of skeuomorphism and the complete shift to a flat interface marked the biggest cosmetic changes iOS since its introduction by Steve Jobs. Even though a vast majority of users have finally come to terms with the update and its new looks, there are still many who miss the way their iPhone’s screen looked back in the days of iOS 6. When the iOS 7 jailbreak was finally announced a few days ago, users were certain that a lot of UI-related tweaks would start surfacing in the jailbreak store, and they haven’t been disappointed so far. HomeScreenDesigner, Messages Customiser, ControlTask, and plenty of other releases already let you tinker with the way iOS 7 presents itself to the eye. Having said that, iOS theming can never be complete without Winterboard. The theming platform has been available on iOS 7 until now, but only if you had an older iDevice, and that too, in a semi-functional form that kept running into a lot of problems. Finally though, Winterboard has been updated with support for iOS 7 and iPhone 5s!

WinterBoard iOS 7 WinterBoard iOS 7 Settings

Winterboard for iOS 7 supports almost all the themes that make the platform such a hit among jailbreak users. You can now download Solstice, Space Blueberry, Ayecon, and a lot of other themes on devices running iOS 7. However, you might run into problems when trying to apply some themes, and the only way to find out the bad ones is through trial-and-error. If you really hate the defaultiOS 7 UI though, or have already grown tired of all the flatness, the effort is certainly worthwhile. Owners of the sleek iPhone 5s will have to wait a little longer to get their paws on even the most popular themes, as despite the theming platform’s readiness, most of the themes themselves are yet to be updated for 64-bit devices.

WinterBoard iOS 7 Home

Although the theming platform has officially received the iOS 7 update just recently, we cannot say that the bump in the version number fixes all of Winterboard’s problems. Even in the tweak’s description, the developer admits that you might run into trouble when trying to integrate photos with themes, as the app doesn’t play too nice with a lot of image formats. Also, it is not yet possible to hide the Winterboard icon from your Home screen, because this feature is dependent on another Cydia library that is yet to be updated. Overall though, we can happily report that Winterboard for iOS 7 is working quite well.

Winterboard version 0.9.3912 can be downloaded for free, and is available in the default Telesphoreo repository of the Cydia store. So, give it a go, as it can certainly add a bit of much-needed spice to the overly neat iOS 7 UI.

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