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Downloader Elite: Perhaps The Best, Most Feature-Rich Download Manager For iPhone & iPad

Downloader Elite is the sort of app you can’t really consign to just a single category. Most people will call it a simple download manager or a web browser for iPhone and iPad, but it is actually much more than that. The app includes a decent audio player, can handle a vast variety of video formats (including FLV and HTML5), has a PDF reader, and comes complete with a nice text editor. With support for so many file formats, the app makes everything convenient for users by providing them with a neat download manager. The app is Downloader Elite has AirPlay support, lets you play videos in the background and can be used to open ZIP or Office files. The list of offered features goes on and on, past the break.

Downloader Elite Browser Downloader Elite Tabs Downloader Elite Options

The Browser in Downloader Elite is pretty similar to the stock Mobile Safari browser in iOS, featuring a full screen mode and a search area right next to the URL bar. Just like Safari, it is possible to change the default search engine from the app’s settings menu. You can switch between pages by hitting the penultimate button on the navigation bar. To download any content, just tap and hold your finger over it, and choose the Download option from the menu that pops up. If the target for the download is a video, tap and hold over any empty area of the page and then choose Download All Videos. If you want to save a whole page, there is the Save Current Page button for that, which will download all text and images on the current website.

Downloader Elite Files Downloader Elite PDF Reader Downloader Elite Settings

All your active downloads appear in the Downloads section of Downloader Elite, and they will be automatically transferred to Files as soon as the download is complete. You can create folders within the Files menu, and then save distinct file formats in each. The app’s text editor will let you make basic changes to files, and then email them to anyone you want. Even a file that is not originally downloaded via Downloader Elite can be imported to the Files menu by hitting the ‘+’ button in the top left corner of the screen. The Playlists section detects all the audio files that have been downloaded via Downloader Elite, and you can listen to music from there in the background. Furthermore, the app supports iTunes file transfer and file sharing over Wi-Fi. The Settings menu will also let you change the browser’s User Agent to Firefox, so you can view pages in a new, desktop-compatible manner. Private Browsing can be enabled via a single toggle, and you may even set an exclusive passcode over the whole app.

Downloader Elite is a universal app, and has gone free for a limited time. You can grab it by heading to the following link.

Download Downloader Elite

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