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Draw On Photos Before Sharing Them Over Facebook Messenger [iOS]

When Facebook Messenger was first released, it was seen as an attempt on Facebook’s part to try and get its hands on everyone’s contacts. Whether that was the case or not, Facebook Messenger, despite the harsh criticism it received when it was unveiled, has become very popular. It’s now come to the point where apps are being developed to go with the Facebook Messenger app on your phone. Drawl for Messenger is a free iOS app built for just that purpose. It lets you draw on photos before you send them via Facebook Messenger.

Launch the app and take a photo or use an existing one from the camera roll. The interface is excellent; most of the screen is dedicated to the photo you’ve taken/chosen with one brush tool, one eraser tool, and a color palette. The color palette offers you nine colors to choose from. To increase or decrease the diameter of the brush, tap on it to cycle through its sizes. The eraser tool only has one size.

Drawl Drawl_colors

Draw freely over the photo. There is an undo button that will allow you to undo every mark you make if you don’t want to erase it. Once you’re done, tap the Send button. Select a contact or a group from your Messenger contacts/groups to send the photo to. You can add a message if you like and hit send.

Drawl_draw Drawl_send

When I was first trying the app out, I found the restricted color palette to be a bit odd. They could have made the palette with a bit more variety but the colors given will work well on most photos. They’re likely to contrast well against a photo and the basic ones are all covered. Although the direct send option takes care of the gist of the app, it should have a save to camera roll option as well in case someone feels like using the Stickered app on a photo before sending it.

Install Drawl For Messenger From The App Store

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