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Driving Curve Measures Your Driving Behavior & Style [iOS]

A short while ago we reviewed Flo, an Android app that scores how well you drive. We’ve found something similar for iOS; meet Driving Curve. It’s a free iOS app available in the App Store that judges your driving behavior and tells you what your driving style is. Driving Curve, in essence, does what Flo does butin addition to giving you a score, it also tells you what you accomplish with the driving behavior you exhibit. To use the app, launch it on your phone and set it on your dashboard. To score well, drive well. Avoid breaking hard, accelerating too abruptly, and take smooth corners.


You can launch the app and start recording how you drive right away or you can take time to set up your driver’s profile. Tap the more options button at the top left of the app’s home screen and then tap the settings button to edit your profile and select units for measuring speed. If you tap the profile button in the options bar, you can see an overview of your driving behavior and some stats.

options profile

Tap Start, set your phone on your dashboard and then let it do it’s job. It will constantly monitor your speed and report it. It doesn’t alert you when you brake hard or speed up too abruptly but it does check this and more as you drive. During testing, we noted that there is a 10 unit difference in the actual speed of the car and the speed that the app reports. You can pause the app if you need to make a stop somewhere. When you’re done, slide the Stop button to the right to mark the trip complete. The app compiles your results and you can skip through the compilation straight to your results. The results show you a speed graph, how far you travelled, the duration of the trip, and your score. It also tells you how many times you breaked hard or speed up suddenly. Swipe up from the bottom of the app to view additional stats.

driving results


Lastly, the app awards you achievements based on your driving behavior.

CO2 fighter fuel saver


Driving Curve lets you share your performance and also lets you invite your Facebook friends and challenge them to see who is the better driver though, when tested, the feature wasn’t working. It failed to connect with Facebook and search for friends. The app is also sluggish; compared to Flo for Andriod, it almost seems as if the app isn’t responding at all and it crashed a few times as well. It’s pretty good in concept but needs improvement.

Download Driving Curve from the App Store

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