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Easily Create, Share & Manage Shopping Lists With Marche For iPhone

Grocery shopping can be a tricky and tiresome task, but if you can make a comprehensive shopping list, half your work is done. Making a neat shopping list requires a lot of experience and effort (not to mention patience), and you are bound to forget some item until you get back home with all the grocery bags. Your iPhone can help you in shopping, thanks to the plethora of to-do list apps available in the App Store, but using a generic list app is not as convenient as employing one that has been designed specifically for shopping. Marche is an app that comes with a database of all the items that appear most commonly in shopping lists. You just have to begin typing a product’s name, and it will appear in the app’s suggestion box. Apart from that, Marche makes use of icon badges to notify you if there are some items that haven’t been purchased while you are out shopping. The app even offers the option to present your shopping data in the form of a graph that can be exported in CSV format via email.

Marche iOS Categories Marche iOS Shopping List Marche iOS Options

To make things easy for users, Marche has a lot of predefined categories like Produce, Bakery, Office, Frozen Foods, etc. By hitting the Edit button, you can reorder the categories, or remove any particular one you want. There is also the option to define new categories within Marche. The same editing options are applicable to the items listed under each category. Once you are satisfied with everything listed in Marche, you are ready to create your first shopping list. To do that, hit the ‘+’ icon on the home screen, and enter the name of the list. You can start populating the list using the app’s own keyboard that allows users to choose a category so that relevant suggestions are generated. Once a list is complete, Marche starts a timer at the top of the screen so that users can keep track of the time spent on shopping. Each item that has been purchased can be marked so by a single tap. To add a note to your list, swipe downwards. The options available in Marche let users share their shopping lists via email/SMS, and you can also import items from templates. The concept of templates in Marche is a rather interesting one. If you want to cook something, just enter its name, and if it is a part of the app’s predefined templates, all the required ingredients will be added to your list automatically.

Marche iOS Home Marche iOS Chart Marche iOS Settings

The main page of Marche displays lists in their respective states of completion, along with the total cost required to purchase all the listed items. The app is smart enough to incorporate tax in prices if you define the percentage in the Marche settings menu. The units supported by Marche include US, SI and Kor. Signing up for a Marche account is necessary if you want to give someone else permission to access your shopping lists. The Chart menu in Marche displays your shopping data from each month, and is a pretty good way of keeping track of your shopping habits.

Marche is available as a free download, and is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. If you are looking for a shopping list creator that is efficient, yet feature-rich, this is the app you need.

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