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Move Multiple App Icons At A Time On iPhone Home Screen With EasyIconEdit

Ever since folders were introduced in iOS, users have gained the capability of keeping their iPhone’s SpringBoard as organized as they want. While I personally prefer stacking apps inside folders, many others like making full use of the app pages available on iOS. For some reason though, the platform puts plenty of restrictions on moving icons between screens, as you always have to adhere to the predefined iOS grid, and there can’t be any blank spaces between icons. Of course, there are Cydia tweaks that can help you bypass these restrictions with ease. We have already covered AlwaysArrange that makes icons ready to be rearranged even without entering jiggle mode, and MultiIconMover that lets you reorder the SpringBoard easily by moving multiple icons simultaneously. EasyIconEdit is based on a similar concept, but has a much more appealing look. The tweak gives a visible indication of the selections you make, and then lets you move them to a new page in a very intuitive manner.

EasyIconEdit iOS Select EasyIconEdit iOS Paste

EasyIconEdit is available in the BigBoss repo of Cydia store. The tweak does not have a menu in the Settings app, or an icon of its own on the SpringBoard, which is probably why the EasyIconEdit developer page comes with a detailed set of instructions regarding the tweak’s usage. You might be a bit lost without reading the instructions, since EasyIconEdit does not work in the most obvious of manners.

To select multiple icons, enter jiggle mode by long-pressing any app icon. Once the icons are jiggling, start tapping each target item. One tap for each entity invokes a green light behind the label below it. This shows that the icon has been selected and is ready to be moved. EasyIconEdit even lets you choose icons from multiple screens, as long as the Home screen continues to be in jiggle mode. Unfortunately, the tweak doesn’t work for folders, or even the app icons residing inside folders. When you try to select a folder, nothing happens, but your existing selection isn’t disturbed either. One the selection is complete, move to the target page of the SpringBoard. EasyIconEdit brings the selected icons automatically to the new page, but these apps keep hovering on the screen and aren’t adjusted immediately. To add them to the page, tap each one once and see it go to the first available slot on the page. To stop placing the icons, simply hit the Home button.

EasyIconEdit is a free tweak, and is worth having on an iDevice for anyone who likes neatness and organization a lot.

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